Posted on October 13, 2022 at 2:16 am

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Did you know Shalin Bhanot’s family comes from a Medical Background?

Shalin Bhanot doesn’t cease to entertain us & he’s undoubtedly the most talked about contestant this season. In an episode that aired last night, it was for the first time ever in the history of Bigg Boss that a contestant’s private conversation with a medical professional was televised much to the shock of the show loyalists.


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For the uninitiated, physicians & mental health experts are stationed outside the Bigg Boss house at all times for any emergency medical assistance. Last year Shamita Shetty too was seen in & out of medical rooms & the conversations kept private due to the doctor- patient confidentiality policy. While some netizens are enraged with the makers for making such a conversation open to the public eye, others are trolling Shalin for his open conversation with the Doctor, where he’s seen asking the said doctor for his medical qualification.

Not many know that Shalin Bhanot is the son of a noted businessman & comes from a highly respected family in Jabalpur & one of their endeavours include being medical journal publishers. Shalin & his family have been publishers for a coveted medical book ‘Park’s textbook of preventive & social medicine’ which are distributed far & wide in most medical schools in their state, thus his in depth medical knowledge.

While we’re wondering why would the show reveal a confidential information, many are questioning Shalin‘s honest question to the doctor assigned given his medical background. Which side are you on? Let us know in comments below.

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