Posted on August 16, 2022 at 3:06 am

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Language coach Kulvinder Bakshish on training Aamir Khan for Laal Singh Chaddha

Kulvinder Bakshish is a renowned name when it comes to language and diction training, he is also a veteran theatre performer.


hoto Courtesy by Kulvinder Bakshish PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Kulvinder Bakshish PR Team


The guy who hails from Gwalior has given the training to Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan for Laal Singh Chaddha. Speaking about his association with Aamir Khan he says,

”Four years ago one of my very close friends- actor director Anshuman Jha– told me that Aamir Khan is looking for a Punjabi dialect coach. So I met him in his gym and we spoke about Laal Singh Chaddha and he asked me a couple of things about my work. By that time I got to know that this film is an official adaptation of the Hollywood film Forrest Gump. The main task I was asked to do is the language which Aamir Khan will speak in the movie and it has to be understood by all. As we know various parts of Punjab have different ways of speaking the language.”

So was the first meeting intimidating?
He says,

”Though I was quite nervous but with Aamir Khan’s gesture it all went nicely.”

Kulvinder adds,

”It’s a dream project for Aamir Khan and the journey continues for four long years. Before he started shooting we rehearsed for 7-8 months. Initially he learnt the authentic Punjabi language but when he started speaking that in the form of dialogues from the film, we realised no one was understanding that. So then we decided if a Sardar tried to speak Hindi how it would sound? And that worked.”

hoto Courtesy by Kulvinder Bakshish PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Kulvinder Bakshish PR Team


Asked about Aamir as a student Kulvinder says,

”He is a seeker, I would say he is a running encyclopedia. Specially when it comes to films, set, sound, technicalities he knows everything about film making. One more important aspect of him which I have observed is his perfection if he is not convinced on something he will never attempt that. Once he is sure he will take the plunge. Though I have gone to teach him the dialect but at the end of the process I have learnt a lot and this is not only about his skills but about his simplicity, his way of seeing life. After winning so many awards the man walks with a simple pyjama and slippers.”

Kulvinder earned a Master in Arts from Jiwaji University Gwalior, M.P. After his degree, he got trained in Manipuri Martial Arts THANG TA, and in various folk dances like naga dance from Nagaland, Jhumar from Orissa, Laiharova from Manipur, Beladila from Bastar.


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