Posted on June 9, 2022 at 7:00 am

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Ashok Kumar Beniwal opens up about working in ‘Aashram 3’

Positive and endearing is how actor Ashok Kumar Beniwal (Also referred as Ashok Beniwal) refers to his character in the web series Ek Badnam Aashram 3, which features Bobby Deol in the lead role. Ashok says that he loved working for the project.


Photo Courtesy by Ashok Kumar Beniwal PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Ashok Kumar Beniwal PR Team


“In Ek Badnam Aashram 3, I have played the role of the judge who takes the initiative in Pammi’s matter and orders to bring the case in the court. The experience working with Bobby Deol and the director Prakash Jha, was fantastic. Prakash ji guided me had given me full freedom to portray the judge’s character,” he says. To know what happens further, we have to wait for Ek Badnam Aashram 4.


Meanwhile, the actor, who has worked in more than 100 films such as Apharan, Jaago, Jail, Hate Story-2, Zila Ghaziabad, Gangor, Tum sa Nahin Dekha, Family, Darbaar, Chanakya and billa-2, says that he enjoys working in multiple mediums.

“As I have a strong theatre background, I am eager to work all kinds of good and creative work on OTT and films. I like films the most. Nothing can beat the magic of the big screen. A larger-than-life experience! OTT content and quality are also quite competent but the concept of the film is a perfect entertainment medium. People spare three hours to just entertain themselves.”


The actor was last seen in the film Shaadisthan, that was released on OTT due to the lockdown. Meanwhile, the actor says that digitization has changed the way movies are made today. “Digitalisation and professionalism are two major changes experienced by the film industry in the last decade. Now films are more story-oriented. Kashmir Files, RRR and KGF-2’s grand success proved that a good storyline and great production quality can overpower stardom,” he says.

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