Posted on March 8, 2022 at 1:37 am

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Paarull JS Bakshi And Her Art Of Story Telling

Paarull JS Bakshi And Her Art Of Story Telling

Paarull JS Bakshi

Paarull JS Bakshi And Her Art Of Story Telling

Paarull JS Bakshi is an elite name in the persuasion business of the realm of Public Relations and Marketing. The main proponent of the sphere of all things promotions whether it’s for large celebrity shows, businesses, or many well-known business professionals, philanthropists, and artists, she is always working behind the scenes elevating helping others remain in the forefront of media.

A champ of the marketing and PR world, Paarull provides guidance in gaining press attention. She has lived every day of her life taking a cue from her grandmother’s golden words to her from when she was a little girl,

“Either you be the best at what you do or don’t do it at all.”

Paarull’s work is an outcome of utilizing her creative ideas and good multi-tasking skills to create exceptional strategies. Whether you are looking to build brand awareness or a great promotion approach, Paarull’s customized PR strategy will certainly have an impact!

The founder of Paarull Communications Limited, she has dedicated eight glorifying years in the industry with her art of storytelling. She has worked with individuals from the world of entertainment, film, television, business, and many more industries, providing outstanding promotional campaigns.

Paarull has been instrumental in the public image transformation of many successful businesspersons and philanthropists. Her team comprises of talented individuals who are as passionate as her about their work.

She has worked behind the scenes at large events with celebrities like Gulshan Grover, singer Jazzy B, musicians Madan Mohan Gopal and Chaar Yaar, Sufi King Satinder Sartaaj, Hero No. 1 Govinda, and Gurdas Maan amongst many others.

Being an ideas person, Paarull says that

“my imagination and ideas have been put to good use with my career choice and for that, I feel very fortunate.”

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