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Aalisha Panwar In Joy as Blind Love Crosses 15M Views

The Actress Shares her Happiness for Season One


Actress Aalisha Panwar and Shagun Pandey starrer Blind Love season 1 has crossed 15 million views and Aalisha is extremely happy about that. Previous she was on “Ishq Mein Marjawan” with Arjun Bijlani.


She says,” Blind Love Part 1 crossed 15 million-plus views and I am very happy and excited. It’s a great validation. I am thankful to all the lovely people who loved this love story and spread the word so that everyone can witness this. This was my first short film and I was very skeptical about it. I had never done anything like this before. The response that I am getting is wonderful and it feels so good. Also, it’s on YouTube, easily available and everyone can watch it. The love which I got for Naina is really wonderful and it was the first time I played the role of a blind girl. I am very happy that I was able to convince everybody to fall in love with Naina.”



What do you feel made the audience connect so much with Blind Love?

She adds, “From my point of view, I assume everybody is connected to and hooked to the story of Naina and Rohan because it is a very simple love story but shown in a very beautiful way. She is a simple girl from a middle-class family in the small town of Shimla. She meets a person named Rohan who is very simple and he falls in love with her supports her and tries to make her feel special in her own way and make her feel that even she is normal. She is not disabled and can lead a normal life. Without even saying I love You, they fall in love with each other this was the usp.”
Aalisha Panwar In Joy as Blind Love Crosses 15M Views

The Beauty of the Story

Aalisha Panwar also adds.”No one has said I love You to each other in Blind Love 1 but they are in love. This is the beauty of the story. Even after Rohan dies, the beauty of their love desire Naina’s blindness, she can feel and still see Rohan’s soul. He makes sure that Naina gets her eyes and can see the world from his eyes. This story is one of the reasons why everyone can connect to it and everyone loves it.”

So what are your fondest memories?

“All my memories from the sets of Blind Love are my fondest memories. Especially Part 1 because all of us were new to each other. In blind love 2, we knew each other. Our vibes matched and we had fun while shooting. I learned a lot from Naina as I did something new.“

Aalisha Panwar In Joy as Blind Love Crosses 15M Views

What is the challenge for an actor to act in a short film genre according to you?

“I would say that short films for me have been like exploring a new genre and I am enjoying it. Currently, I am coming up with my new short film Ishqkiyat and after the new year, it will be out. I love playing the character and roles which are very challenging which I have not done before. The challenge for an actor to work in a short film is you actually have to portray a character in a very short duration of time. In that half an hour you have to portray the life of that character and at the same time you have to convince the audience. Everybody plays the part and an actor holds a huge responsibility on their shoulders as it is portrayed through them. It is like an adventure and I loved doing it.”
Director Prradip Khairwar has directed both seasons of Blind Love.
Aalisha Panwar In Joy as Blind Love Crosses 15M Views
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