Posted on September 14, 2021 at 8:45 pm

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Hanumankind Releases Music Video DAMNSON Prod. By Parimal Shais

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Hanumankind Releases Music Video DAMNSON Prod. By Parimal Shais

Hanumankind Releases Official Music Video DAMNSON Prod. By Parimal Shais

“DAMNSON” was a quick and fun project for Hanumankind(HMK) and Parimal shais, as it departs from some of the heavier on the heart content that’s preceded this track like Genghis and Second Wave. Although it is a rager, HMK doesn’t skip out on his tradition of laying hard-hitting verses and fresh bars.

Hanumankind Bio
Hanumankind is the lyrical rap identity donned by Sooraj Cherukat who’s made a splash of a debut not too long ago. With the debut festival performance at NH7 Weekender coinciding with his first release from his debut EP “Kalari”, the stage was set for cementing his position as an undeniable force in hip hop from the subcontinent. The journey has been focused on creating music that’s ever-evolving, challenging, boundary-pushing, and is developing to age well as time goes.

With the start of the pandemic dampening a lot of things, the music creation process was amped up, leading to the release of the collaborative project “Surface Level” with Kalmi. The latest singles Genghis and DAMNSON showcased the evolution of Hanumankind and the artistic styling that he brings across visual content. The recent feature on Netflix’s “Namma Stories” is one of the notable moments for the artist in 2021. After being featured on platforms like VICE, FirstPost, ColorsxStudios Blog, Times of India, Indian Express, VH1 Supersonic, Casa Bacardi, NH7 Weekender, Under25, the tone is set for great releases.

Parimal Shais Bio –
Parimal Shais is the artistic vision of Indian producer Parimal EK, who’s quickly established himself as one of the most exciting new artists in Indian hip hop. An innovative and genre-bending producer, 26-year-old Parimal has developed a distinctive brand with his hard-hitting basslines influenced by South Indian cultural samples. In high school, he grew more intrigued with electronic music and began making his own productions when he was 19 years old. He slowly transitioned into making hip-hop beats for local artists in his neighborhood. With his critically acclaimed debut project “Kumari Kandam Vol. 1” in 2019, Parimal Shais grabbed the attention of fans, publications, and record labels around the country. As he drives this new age sound, he’s been collaborating with artists all over the country and is currently working on his next album.

Quotations from Hanumankind on “DAMNSON” –
“I am not a trained musician. For me, it is all about creating the right sound. As much as I enjoy feeling the beat and pumping it, I love the process of writing. I could do both and also do something entirely different from either too. This is all me testing the waters,” – Hanumankind.

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