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#EXCLUSIVE: “Simple people don’t know the difference they just connect ‘Kundra with Kundra’”, says Karan Kundrra

Karan Kundra is known as one of the most established actors in the entertainment industry for his fine acting chops and on-screen charisma.

He has amazed fans with his performances in shows like ‘Kitani Mohabbat Hain’, ‘Teri Meri Love Stories’, ‘Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum’, ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’ and more.

The handsome actor is often surrounded with others controversy just because of his name. The similar name or surname often confused netizens and even news outlets.

This time Karan was dragged into Raj Kundra’s porn case. The common surname led to numerous speculations and his name surfacing online for the wrong reasons.

As Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra’s alleged involvement in the infamous pornography case, left everyone shocked. Ever since the Mumbai Police arrested the businessman, fans have been talking about the case on social media.

As most know, people have often searched if Raj and Karan are brothers because of the same surname. However, there’s no connection whatsoever but it mere coincidence. Karan’s name has been circulated in the article by IMW Buzz in relation to Raj Kundra’s case.

Not just this Karun Kundrra gave clarity by sharing screenshots of the news posted by a few websites and wrote, “For F**** SAKE… NOT THAT KUNDRA!!!”

Take a look at the post here:

This is not the first time that has happened with Karan. Even earlier during Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal domestic violence case.

Karan Kundra’s name has been dragged because of the similar name. Some social sites wrongly reported stating his name in the case.

Take a look at the social media image here:

Opening up all about this ‘surname mess’, Karan Kundrra said, 

“I saw a few messages on my WhatsApp. Some people who are not in the country and they wake up earlier than us because of different timezone they have seen these errors and they have send me screenshots. My friends from US so initially, I was laughing because such things happened earlier too. Then I read thing on twitter as well, people start using #hashtags and few publications that have done their research properly they have written ‘Raj Kundra as Karan Kundra’ or ‘Karan Kundra as Shilpa Shetty husband’ even some also used my picture. So I posted a story saying that I’m not the same Kundra.”

He further added,

“I also woke up with one of the tweet that stated, ‘Karan Kundra arrested last night for creating porn content’. I quickly called up my parents and I told them you might get some news like this and don’t be scared because it’s Raj Kundra. I also messaged on my friends on group, it was funny at the beginning I started getting funny text from my friends too. But later it started becoming serious when people started messing up me and commenting about it.”

Karan even shared an interesting incident connect to the story that happened with him. He said,

“I went for a trek in Maharashtra. There were cops there it’s a small city and they got to know somebody has come who is famous, they wanted to meet me and they asked people who is he. The toll guy said ‘Karan Kundra’. The police man was like the one whose porn case is into news. So this was the first thing that happened on ground reality. People who are not watching our industry very closely or don’t watch Television. They are very simple people they don’t know the difference so they just connect ‘Kundra with Kundra’. So I was like that’s not me. Even some people commented on my Insta reels.

If I post something they(people) are like – ‘Porn kyu banata hai bhai tu (why do you make porn)’. I’m not going to answer all of these people but as I said it kind of worrysome because many followup article that has happened so somebody who does not know me well has heard about the article in case with Raj Kundra they are going to say its me. They are going to think like that for their rest of their life.”

In the era of digital media speaking about how such news affected him and his family he said,

“I discovered about this mess on social media. Family is quite away from social media. So they are okay but my mom got really stressed when she got to know however my dad was pretty okay because he knew about it. Some people even think I’m Karan Kundra and Raj Kundra is my father (Karan laughs). But it is bit of an harassment when it started floating on my social media and then my fans started fighting with those people. It’s something that I have not done, I not’t even a part of it.”

Karan Kundra
Karan Kundra

Karan Kundrra feels that all of it could be really detrimental to his image. Our heart goes out to him!

On the work front, Karan was last seen in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ as Ranveer. He has recently treated fans with some picture from the sets of ‘Ladies vs Gentlemen’ with celebrities like Asha Negi, Karishma Tanna, Prince Narula, Ritesh and Genelia Deshmukh.

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