Posted on May 7, 2021 at 5:32 pm

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Exclusive: Arish Sirkissoon’s Collaborates with African Essence

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Arish Sirkissoon Making Waves in Production

Exclusive: Arish Sirkisoon's Collaborates with African Essence

Exclusive: Arish Sirkissoon‘s Collaborates with African Essence . Arish Sirkissoon Recording Artist and Producer, Lx Seth known for his epic songs and videos which grab your emotions. Raised in Durban his musical journey started in his bedroom where he created beats, wrote lyrics and sang.
He knew deep down he would pursue a career in music and years later he brought this to fruition. A multi award winner, who flourished with his international breakthrough.  His songs have a world wide appeal, as it satisfies a diverse audience.
Thanks to his unusual repertoire and thorough original delivery on his multiple albums his music is well received.
This multi talented artist wears many hats one being an acclaimed film Director and Creator.  Having worked on several productions. his experience knowledge and skill led to the creation of his own movie release ‘Tokoloshe’, which has now gained international recognition and led to the demand for more of Lx Seth Productions.
Furthermore, Arish has two other films in the pipeline and production is well underway.  He has now collaborated with his long time friend, well known award winning TV producer Melanie Moodley. The iconic boss lady behind African Essence a current affairs show on Glow TV, that is surely creating a buzz.
Their stories of human interest on matters of Murder, suicide, mental health, domestic violence and more has gained much public interest.  With much anticipation let’s wait to see what’s next for this Duo.
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