Posted on February 14, 2021 at 7:02 am

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Sapra’s Valentine​s Day Music Release “Always on My Mind”

Sapra’s Valentine​s Day Music Release “Always on My Mind”

Sapra’s Valentine​s Day Music Release “Always on My Mind”

Solo world music artist Sapra shares his creative artistry and unique vision in the highly innovative and illustrious new music video “Always on My Mind.” The music video powerfully brings to life Sapra’s emotive lyrical flow and Parinita Sharma’s complimentary ethereal Bollywood style vocals. It tells a timeless love story through our brave protagonist, Sapra’s kaleidoscopic lens. Sapra takes us on an “Eternal Sunshine” type of science fiction fueled journey to a foreign land where he is a prisoner facing a fifty-year sentence. The correctional facility proceeds to wipe Sapra’s memory clean while his brain, soul, and spirit go through an emotional journey of self-reflection.

The highly cinematic music video powerfully plays with the universal concepts of long-lost love and destiny. A talented filmmaker and actor, Sapra enlists his specials effects team for a stunning visual spectacle. The music video was one-year labor of love produced with zero outside funding or support. Amassing millions of online streams across multiple social media channels, Sapra is becoming known for his unique and singular flavor of world music with an accent of Bollywood style pop flair that combines more contemporary sounds such as hip-hop with global flavors.

“In the past, romantic relationships have had the ability to have tremendous power over me. The song is based around the idea of “always on my mind,” which is more like a longing for a person that you are unable to be with. The musical short film tells the story of a protagonist whose insatiable thirst for money results in a fifty-year prison sentence. In order to be released early, he is forced to undergo a memory wiping procedure. During this procedure, he tries his best to hold onto the memory of his girlfriend so that he will always remember her when he is released. I and my team have worked for over a year to produce this on our own without any funding and support from outside.”


About Sapra:
Sapra is a multi-faceted actor, rapper, and filmmaker. Releasing his own impressive style of world music, each song is carefully crafted with his dynamic and singular artistic vision in mind. An avid musician from a young age, Sapra brings his own unique flavor to everything he touches. Starting out playing drums at the age of five, this soon gave way to his active involvement in his high school’s theater and dance program. While still living in India, Sapra enrolled in international theater festivals under Ryan International School (St Xavier’s). He then went on to pursue a journalism and mass communication undergraduate degree while simultaneously running his own theater and events company.

Sapra eventually ended up in LA where he studied film and acting at UCLA and New York Film Academy’s prestigious programs. Driven by his zest for life, through music Sapra aims to gain exposure and create awareness about his culture and pertinent topics. His music can best be described as passionate, heartfelt, and entertaining with a purpose with each song exploring a unique and sometimes controversial theme. As a musician, his songs have been featured on major media outlets such as NBC and as an actor, Sapra starred in a Toyota Rav 4 commercial. He also recently toured the states in the “Mystic India” world tour. Sapra’s mission is to bring neoclassical Bollywood culture to the mainstream while promoting the ideas of diversity, inclusion, positivity, and peace.

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