Posted on November 2, 2020 at 12:53 am

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Arjun Mathur Talks About How ‘Made In Heaven’ Changed His Life

Arjun Mathur Talks About How ‘Made In Heaven’ Changed His Life

Arjun Mathur talks about how ‘Made In Heaven’ changed his life on the latest episode of Filmfare Spotlight

The advent of OTT platforms has truly transformed the way India consumes entertainment and with the ever-growing fandom of streaming shows and stars, it looks like it’s here to stay. Just this year the audience has binged & lauded these shows on an unprecedented scale and they can’t seem to get enough of this bold & gripping narratives. Celebrating this brilliant collage of performances, Filmfare launched a new digital show featuring the leading stars of streaming shows, Filmfare Spotlight. In the latest episode of the show, Filmfare Digital Editor, Rahul Gangwani is seen in a candid conversation with Made In Heaven actor Arjun Mathur.

The Emmy-nominated actor talks about his auditions for the show saying,

“When I first auditioned for Made In Heaven, they didn’t tell me that it was a gay part. The second time I went in, they very slowly revealed to me. They thought that if I found out, I might not play a gay character since I’ve done it twice before. I expressed this to Zoya and told her that I’ve done this and let other actors do it. It took me one night of reading all the episodes to change my perspective. I was like ‘Thank God this has come to me’. We all say we are supporters, but as an actor, there exists a barrier that ‘I am playing someone gay’. I felt that my support is a bit hollow. Made In Heaven gave me the opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and be a part of something that took a loud and clear chance in support of the community.

Being the only Indian actor to be nominated in the Best Actor category this year for Made in Heaven, Arjun talks about how he got the news saying,

“I was having a pretty regular morning and I got a phone call from Sayani Gupta, whose show has also been nominated. She was like ‘Mathur, have you heard the news?’ And I was like ‘Man, what piece of bad news are you giving me? I don’t want it’. She was like ‘Check your messages’. I checked an article that had my name. It took me a good 10-15 minutes to believe that what I am looking at is real. I thought it was a mistake, a joke, a lie. It was only after a few messages and calls when I realized that this is happening for real.”

Filmfare Spotlight_Arjun Mathur
Filmfare Spotlight_Arjun Mathur

Watch him chat on many more aspects of his life and work in the latest episode of Filmfare Spotlight. New episodes every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday @ 12 PM exclusively on Filmfare’s social media platforms.

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