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Ashish Joshi, the man who saved over 200 dogs

When it comes to dogs, no one could love them more than Ashish Joshi, the man who fostered and took care of over 200 dogs. Fueled by his urge to protect and save the environment, he started to rescue dogs and foster them to health.

Ashish Joshi

When Ashish was just 15 years old, he saved his first dog of many, Mr. Sunny. Since then, he’s strived to serve dogs in all possible ways, including feeding, vaccinating, spaying, rescuing hundreds of dogs in Aurangabad. Ashish never turned his back on any dog, and today has over 200 dogs that he takes care of. His admiration for the environment and determination in his mission to save dogs helped save the lives of so many animals.

Ashish Joshi

For instance, a vehicle ran over a family of dogs and killed everyone but one, Mr. Champ. He lost his front limbs in this accident. Ashish brought the puppy to several local vets who all suggested euthanization to end his suffering and pain. However, Ashish couldn’t bring himself to do it and instead had a walker made for Champ, which didn’t work out. Finally, Ashish decided to teach Mr. Champ to adapt. 


“Today he walks and runs on his two legs, like a happy baby kangaroo,” Ashish said. “Saving a life that everyone said had no hope, is cathartic beyond anything one can imagine.”


Ashish Joshi

However, it’s not just dogs that he saves. Ashish also planted a jungle of 280 trees on barren land and cared for them over two years. His day began at 4:30 a.m. to maintain and water these trees that bring us so much life today.

Ashish Joshi

“Growing up in the city of gates, Sambhajinagar, in Maharashtra, I learned early that protecting our Mother Nature was crucial to our own survival,” Ashish said. “Our environment gives so much to us, but somewhere, we have failed in giving back or even at least protecting it from our own bottomless greed. Sometimes, the children need to take care of the mother as well. That phase of my life still gives me satisfaction and strengthens my resolve further. One day, I hope to see more people putting their step forward to help animals and plants co-exist, in a universal green revolution.”

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