Posted on September 7, 2020 at 11:36 pm

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Indie Music Label pioneering the new wave of Independent music

The Independent music space has seen a formidable spike in the last few years and a lot of it can attribute to various factors like the advent of digital platforms, new talent coming through the ranks and the audiences’ will to accept non-film music as well.

While one can’t contain talent, it often needs scouting and only the ones who understand music and the audience’s pulse can rise to the occasion. One such music label, which has been tirelessly working towards promoting independent music and artists is Indie Music Label helmed by Mr.Naushad Khan.

The company which began operations just a few years back in January 2018 has quickly catapulted to being arguably one of the most prominent music labels for non-film music. The large part of its success is due to it’s MD Mr.Khan, who in just a couple of years has managed to release some of indie music’s most popular tracks.

Darshan Raval
Darshan Raval

Bhula Dunga, Asal Mein, Ek Tarfa by Indie music’s poster boy Darshan Raval and Aameen and Tabaah by Karan Sehmbi and Gurnazar Chattha respectively, are some of their latest tracks which have had millions and millions of views.

The company’s philosophy ever since it’s inception hasn’t wavered and all artists and songs they back are meticulously chosen. Commenting on his Label’s meteoric rise, Naushad Khan says, “At Indie Music Label we work on the simple principle, that of deserving talent getting the best possible platform to showcase their skill. With numerous digital avenues, one has access to new faces, new voices/textures, and the audience’s willingness to accept new talent, just makes the job easier.”
To conclude, he attributes a lot of Indie Music Label’s success to loyal Music aficionados who have embraced new music and lapped it up,
”We create content for the listeners and their response is what drives us to keep working towards are motto of promoting new and independent talent.” He signs off.
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