Posted on July 9, 2020 at 10:26 pm

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Selena Gomez & Trevor Daniel release “Past Life” Remix

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The much awaited trap-infused-pop track “Past Life” by Trevor Daniel, featuring Selena Gomez, releases today. This piece is equally heart breaking and heart-warming. It has been produced by Finneas and originally appeared on Trevor’s debut studio album, Nicotine (Alamo/InterScope Records). The lyrics explore letting go of the past, taking care of yourself, and promising to be better to others in your life. This is done all while accepting that your past journeys have made you the person you are.

Selena Gomez adds her patent charm to the mesmerizing lyrics.

After her album Rare, fans were delighted to receive another present from the singer this year. The singers spoke about the song personally resonating with her and during a conversation with Trevor.

Trevor Daniel expressed his love for Selena Gomez’s take on the song. He also thanked her for how the remix turned out.

Selena Gomez mentioned “The lyrics were Like a story about all the things that we tend to hold onto and the patterns that we have”.

Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez also recorded a lyrics video for the track that takes form of an Instagram Live session — with lyrics coming up as comments of the video.

Selena Gomez & Trevor Daniel

About Trevor Daniel:

Almost a year after the release of his debut EP, Homesick, the 25-year-old reached number one on the US Viral 50 with the project’s first single “Falling” — a track that entered Top 40 in over 20 countries, reaching a new peak at #4 on U.S. Pop Radio and #18 on Billboard Hot 100. Trevor’s ethereal vocals over a trap-infused downbeat already primed listeners for the repeat button. However, it was Daniel’s lyrical prowess that sparked their imagination. Soon, pop sensation Blackbear and R&B darling Summer Walker sought to remix the track. Trevor’s “Falling” went on to become RIAA Certified 2x Platinum. Now at the helm of a debut major release, Nicotine (Alamo/Interscope Records), the young artist is seeking to solidify his position as a mainstay music maker.

In 2017, the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey compelled Daniel to evacuate the only home he ever knew, with just the essentials- his music equipment.

When he returned to a house flooded in chest deep water, he was determined more than ever to indulge in his passion for music with this second chance that life had bestowed upon him. He quit his day job at a men’s suits store. This resulted in the creation of the musical genius that we know and love.

Today, Daniel’s following continues to grow rapidly. Their YouTube channel has just topped 192+ million views combined with their RTD Sound Cloud Plays, the numbers are quickly approaching 96M+ plays. Spotify alone tracked 19+Million listeners and TIKTOK created a hype for Trevor with 965K followers. He has frequently trended around the world on Twitter, and has over 24K followers. He also regulars on Facebook and has a series of exciting posts with 21K Followers. Lastly, his active Instagram presence has resulted in thousands of fans globally and they keep increasing by the minute. Listen to song in full now.

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