Posted on July 6, 2020 at 6:59 pm

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On Ranveer Singh’s birthday, his fan club donates computers to school supporting education for underprivileged children in Indore

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Ranveer Singh is a bonafide superstar today with an enviable fan following across the globe. Fan clubs generally resonates the inherent qualities that the particular actor stands for. Ranveer is a silent do-gooder who doesn’t publicise the work he does and his fan clubs too seem to be leading the way to help as many people as possible.

Ranveer Singh Fan Club

On Ranveer Singh’s birthday, his fan club called Ranveer Ka Fan Club, is donating computers to a school supporting education for underprivileged children!

They have been active since 2015 and the members have dedicated themselves to do voluntary work in the name of their favourite star. Each year, they do something on the Simmba star’s birthday and recently they started a program called Ranveer Gram Program.

Ranveer Singh Fan Club
Mural of Ranveer Singh

Atharva Khendekar, a Ranveerian says, “As you know Ranveer ka fan club is always on spot to help the unprivileged people and children. And this time we are helping the rural children who aren’t privileged to afford high class education. For some of them basic education is also a dream. We as a proud member of Ranveer ka Fan Club are planning to provide 2 basic computer system and some indoor games to those angles.”

Mural by fan club

“Imagine the amount of enthusiasm and excitement in these children to attend their school when they receive the computers!”

Computers that fan club donated
Ranveer Singh Fan Club computer donations

These computers will be given to a school that educated children till the fifth standard. The school is situated in Sikandari village in Indore district, Madhya Pradesh. Atharva adds, “The total budget of this project is Rs. 30,000 out of which Rs. 15,000 will be for 2 basic computers Rs, 10,000 will be for colouring the walls of the school and Rs. 5,000 will be allocated to get indoor games for children. So please come forward and donate as much as you can and make the future youth of our country more educated and more reliable.”

Ranveer Singh Fan Club

Last year, the fan club brought light to a small village called Akoli, where they installed five solar street lights and house lights each. The villagers had been using kerosene lamps for more than a decade and could not afford electricity.

Ranveer Singh Fan Club
Ranveer Singh Fan Club Mural
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