Posted on April 9, 2020 at 7:52 pm

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Why So Many UAE Based Desi Singles Are On This Dating App

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If you’re a single desi in your 20s or 30s, chances are you may have heard it all: “Are you talking to anyone? When do you think you’re getting married? Why aren’t you married yet?” Unfortunately, once you start inching towards your mid-20’s, marriage and “settling down” often seems to be one of the main topics of conversation. 

While dating isn’t exactly a foreign concept, the idea of dating sometimes still seems to be evolving within the South Asian community. If you want to find a partner who aligns with your family, values, and lifestyle on your own terms but are having a hard time doing so, you’re not the only one. 

KJ Dhaliwal, CEO and founder of the extremely effective South Asian dating app Dil Mil, realized that a lot of people in the desi millennial generation are facing dating challenges. We want to find someone who not only aligns with our goals, but also someone who will get along with our parents & family and make them happy as well. Due to these reasons, Dil Mil has become the most popular and widely used dating app for South Asians. With over 2M+ singles from all over the desi diaspora across the US, UAE, UK, Canada, and Australia, Dil Mil has made 20M+ matches and has thousands of success stories. Even large publications like Forbes have taken notice of and have written about Dil Mil, saying things like “This Tinder-Alternative Disrupts Dating in South Asian Communities.”

Designed specifically for people who are living in two worlds and two cultures (being South Asian & living in the US, UAE, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.), Dil Mil has advanced filtering (which has helped generate over 20 million matches!) that allows you to narrow your search & get closer to finding a compatible match. Filters include elements such as community, religion, interests, and education – all of which are important to the modern desi single today. Most users on Dil Mil are ambitious, successful, cultured, and attractive, and by searching through singles who already match some of the initial criteria when looking for a partner, Dil Mil helps foster more meaningful relationships compared to some of the other top dating apps out there. 

Thousands of couples have found success using Dil Mil, including Richa Moorjani. More popularly known as “Cousin Kamala” on Mindy Kaling’s latest Netflix show Never Have I Ever, Richa took a road trip with a friend a few years ago who convinced her to download Dil Mil. Her friend made her an account and started swiping for her while Richa drove, and eventually came across Bharat’s profile and started talking to him. Richa wasn’t expecting anything to come of it, but little did she know that within just a couple of hours of downloading Dil Mil, she had found the love of her life. You can read all about their fairytale love story and proposal here.

Dil Mil is free to use and features added upgrades that help accelerate your matching. You can download on both iOS and Android here

As a brand, Dil Mil stands for more than just dating – whether you’re single or in a relationship, Dil Mil constantly encourages meaningful relationships and celebrates South Asian culture. With events ranging from 5X Festival, Sessions, and most recently For Natasha – a tribute concert thrown by singer Arjun for his late wife, Natasha – Dil Mil spreads South Asian culture and awareness through technology, music, and art. They were also recently acquired by Group, expanding their growth even further. 

While arranged marriages were very common for most of our parents and the older generation, most of the current single desi generation isn’t too fond of the idea. We’ve been given a lot more independence growing up and in our career paths, and we seek the same independence from our love lives. Even though the pressure for marriage can get real, you can forget about the biodatas and your parents’ rishta network. One of the best things about Dil Mil is that you have control over your choices – you create your own love story, and you can date on your own terms. 

Download Dil Mil and start matching with desi diaspora in the US, UAE, UK, CA & AU. You can download for free on both iOS and Android here

Want to get off to an accelerated start? Thankfully Dil Mil also has additional upgrades & features with Dil Mil VIP Elite that can help you match faster and more often. This helps to reduce the time spent finding your perfect match, and you can upgrade within their app or on their website. Give it a shot; it may surprise you. 

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