Posted on April 5, 2020 at 7:20 am

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Priiya Nair Speaks About Lockdown And Its Loopholes On Instagram

Priiya Nair Speaks About Lockdown And Its Loopholes On Instagram

Actress and Producer Priiya Nair Speaks About The Lockdown And Its Loopholes on Instagram. To be a responsible citizen we need to follow our duties well. Especially in a time like this, when people’s lives are at risk when people are starving from hunger we surely need to do something within our capacity to reach out to the people who are in need of help. Still, there are thousands of people who are far from the radar of the government’s aid. These loopholes can only be filled if the resourceful once takes a step forward in reaching out to the government on behalf of the underprivileged ones.

Recently actress and producer of Telugu Film Ashwamedham, Priiya Nair used her Instagram account to deliver a message. She requested the people to stay indoors and be safe. Later she also took this opportunity to inform everyone to abide by their duties. Duty to look after the elder ones around, duty to inform the government about the people who need help. The daily wage workers are the people who are most affected by the lockdown. Many are starving with no food to eat, no money to buy even the basic essentials. If things continue this way, surely there will be more deaths from starvation than from the virus.

Therefore it’s extremely necessary to follow these duties to help prevent this havoc and be a responsible citizen.

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