Posted on October 22, 2019 at 11:59 pm

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Preston Bailey Headlines The Style Salon, NYC’s Multicultural Bridal Show

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Preston Bailey Headlines The Style Salon, NYC’s Multicultural Bridal Show

Preston Bailey Headlines The Style Salon, NYC’s First Luxury Multicultural Bridal Show. The Style Salon Brings Together Brides from New York City’s Vibrant Communities.

New York City, Oct 15, 2019: Weddings in New York are as diverse as the communities that make up this great city, and for the first time, a bridal planning event that showcases these weddings in all of their colors and traditions is taking place in Manhattan. The Style Salon is a showcase of bridal vendors that service multicultural weddings. The event is being headlined by Panama-born, New Yorker, world-renowned celebrity event designer and author Preston Bailey who is known for his transformative event environments and whose clientele includes celebrities, royalty and prominent families around the world.

“I’ve been designing weddings in many different countries for over 30 years,” says Preston, “I love how weddings are the center point of all cultures around the world. Weddings are the time when people celebrate and honor their customs and traditions. I am excited to be a part of The Style Salon, an event whose time is long overdue.”

The Style Salon, created by multicultural bridal publication Bibi Magazine, is positioned as an alternative to other wedding shows where cultural bridal options are normally not represented. The Style Salon welcomes all brides from all on New York’s diverse communities: Asian, Black, Latina, South Asian, European, any bride whose wedding traditions involve color.

“We have imagined The Style Salon to be an inclusive event where weddings are celebrated in color!” adds Bibi Publisher Ayesha Hakki. “Many cultures get married in colorful attire and traditions and their weddings are happening all around us in New York City. We thought, why not bring together those vendors that specialize in multicultural events and do it in an elevated, inclusive fashion.”

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Topic: I feel like a looser Dear Preston I feel like a loser. I went to a conference two weeks ago; that was full of professional planners and florist. What I found interesting is that all of them claim that they were doing fantastic and their businesses couldn’t be better. At the moment, I am struggling to make ends meet. Is it just me or some of these vendors are full of bull? Inadequate. Dear Inadequate: You are not a loser. In fact, you are incredibly brave to be able to open and honest in admitting, where you are. I think, most people including myself, we train ourselves to resist and be open about our business difficulties, for one simple reason, we come from a culture of believing that we should “fake it until we make it.” Even thou at times we do need to“fake it until we make it” the danger in that, is that sometimes, we could be in a place of denial and delayed in confronting challenges. You’ll be surprised in how most people respond to truth and vulnerability. I think in time of difficulties what I find helpful is the following. 1 Reach out to others, and ask for help. Trusted friends, family, even other vendors. 2 Have a blind optimistic faith in God, that things always get better. I do think you are right thou; there may be a few of those vendors that are full of bull…. I have been in many of these conferences, that every one claim to be making a fortune and having more work than they can handle. I always ask myself a simple question “In that case, why are you even here" If you like, please write me at with your questions. It might take me a while to get back to you, but I’ll be happy to give you any helpful advice. In the meantime, I applaud you for being vulnerable. Blessings!

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Other speakers at The Style Salon include TV host and celebrity event planner Samantha Goldberg best known as the host of “Whose Wedding Is It Anyways,” Claudia Hanlin of The Wedding Library and founder of the former Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party and Sunita Sadhnani, one of the top Indian event designers in the US.

The Style Salon takes place on November 6th, 2019 in Times Square’s newest venue, Manhattan Manor, a two-level event space that marries classic New York with industrial Brooklyn style. The event is from 5-9pm and although free for brides and grooms, RSVP is required at TheStyleSalon.NYC

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