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Monsoon Wedding Decor Ideas by Dreamzkrraft Weddings

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Dreamzkrraft Weddings – India’s Premier Luxury Wedding Planning and Decor Company

Dreamzkrraft Weddings - India's Premier Luxury Wedding Planning and Decor Company

Dreamzkrraft Weddings founded by Priti S Sidhwaani , is breaking Monsoon wedding myths one trend at a time! The Luxury wedding and decor company brings us the killer wedding trends to make your special day even more memorable!

Above all, weddings can certainly be planned in monsoons. Likewise, contrary to the belief that it can be a bit messy to get married beneath the rain clouds. The season can inspire many different themes and ideas. Here are 5 enchanting ideas to make your monsoon wedding more aesthetically pleasing and mesmerizing.

Galore of Floral Umbrellas

Monsoons are incomplete without a variety of umbrellas. Big and small. Similarly, one of the many fun ways to capture the essence of monsoon is a display of floral umbrellas around the venue. Strings of tuberose can certainly create a visual of falling raindrops. Think of hanging the umbrellas upside-down to create a more dramatic effect. On arrival, guests can be gifted colourful umbrellas of various shapes and sizes. This theme is sure to be super popular with the guests.

Royal Theme of Majestic Peacocks

Peacocks dance with their heart and soul when it rains and a peacock themed decor will surely give your monsoon wedding the right kind of vibes. Peacocks of different sizes decorated with a variety of local and exotic flowers and satin-silk can add a magnificent royal feel to the wedding. Plan the placements and think of peacocks in different positions, dancing and standing. A pair of peacocks as a centerpiece can surely stand out. It is a great idea to maintain the theme by incorporating a similar colour palate on the wedding cards and wedding gifts.

Hues of Rain – Blue and Green

Furthermore, you can play around with colors representing the monsoon season. A classic example is incorporating shades of blue and green in the theme. They will bring out the color essence of monsoon and make your decor picturesque and elegant looking. Blue represents water and green represents mother earth, so you can use delicate motifs of leaves, trees, flora, and fauna on satin-silk fabrics to create a texturally rich background. Bright flowers can be used to highlight the abundance of natural yet colourful beauty.

Make it Vibrant with Vibgyor

Ribbons of all colours can be used to  make a vibrant canopy or multiple ceiling decorations.  To add to the simplicity or rather bring out the beauty of colors, you can use lights if it’s an evening wedding and flowers its an afternoon ceremony tomorrow capture the whole decor in its best form. This vibrant theme full of colours of Vibgyor will set the mood for a happy time celebrating the union of two families and their friends.

Paper Boats and Raindrops

A colourful backdrop of ornamental paper boats and floral raindrops can be used to highlight the monsoon season. To add to the theme, a peacock themed couch/seat/throne can be created for the bride and groom. Delicate floral arrangements and installations with peacocks, paper boats, and raindrops will make this theme endearing and memorable.

Furthermore, all these themes and decor ideas are sure to bring out the magic and love of monsoon weddings without dampening the festive spirit. So don’t let the rain wash away  a lifetime of memories of a monsoon wedding. So do not miss out, be sure to check them out on their website.

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