Posted on July 29, 2019 at 12:07 am

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#Fashion101: Anita Dongre creates a Love for Jaipur this Winter 2019

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Check out Anita Dongre new love for Jaipur this winter! 

Jaipur is a city that seduces with its charms and the crafts are thousands of years old. The Pink City is a living museum, a unique culture where modern living marries an ancient Indian way of life in the most captivating way. This collection represents the new era of 21st century regal living, with a traditional heart and contemporary finish.
Our fascination for this city is expressed through design. You will recognize the blush tones of a sunset in the Pink City or the rich whites and creams of the marble inlay that adorns its palaces; through embroidery, we see the peacocks, flowers and leaves that have thrived in the gardens of this green city since generations past. These motifs are as clearly represented in the architecture of the space. The collection is inspired by Jaipur’s exquisite architecture, with its unique blend of Rajputana and Mughal motifs, which include geometric shapes and floral patterns, showing a remarkable intermingling of cultures.

There’s perfect symmetry in the magical artwork of this Jaipur, be it in the miniature paintings that depict epic love stories between kings and queens, or in the life-sized wall murals seen in the inner chambers of royal palaces and Havelis.

Their rich furnishings include opulent fabrics like velvet, with intricate embroidery, prints and dyes in exciting, unexpected colors.
There’s a romanticism in the air here, the promise of eternal love. In Jaipur, modernity has not entirely managed to erode the glory of a rich and vibrant heritage, a past filled with princesses and palaces, brave warriors and great loves from an era gone by. Walking through the streets of the city, one can believe the legends of great love stories like Dhola Maru, which have withstood the test of time and inspire us to fall in love all over again.
 “We consider ourselves fortunate to witness love stories that span across continents and cultures. In the Pink City of Rajasthan, our stories connect back to each other and we find our inspiration—our Jaipur Love.” –  Anita Dongre 
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