Posted on June 25, 2019 at 6:33 pm

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‘Nazar’ Actress Sonyaa Ayodhya And Her Secret Crush On A Comedian

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‘Nazar’ Actress Sonyaa Ayodhya has a crush on this comedian!

'Nazar' Actress Sonyaa Ayodhya And Her Secret Crush On A Comedian

Nazar actress, Sonyaa Ayodhya has a crush on a comedian and we have the tea! Sonyaa Ayodhya, who won audience’s heart by portraying Dayaan Ruby on Gul Khan’s popular show ‘Nazar‘ affirmed that she has a crush on Russell Peters.

The doe-eyed actress recently met her crush Canada-based stand-up comedian and actor, when the latter came to Mumbai for his ‘Deported World Tour’.

Sonyaa Ayodhya

“I have the biggest crush on Russell Peters. I have never missed his show no matter which part of the world. When I lived in New Zealand I made sure I attend his show,” 

-Said the actress who had earlier won Miss India New Zealand.

“He’s such a great energy to be around, even his recent show in Mumbai was hilarious. He is definitely the funniest guy in the world and I wish I was older so I could date him,” 

-Said Sonyaa while laughing.

Who would not love a sense of humour such as Russel Peters. We can certainly understand the endless love for Russel. Sonyaa Ayodhya surely has some good taste! A crush worth having for sure! We are ready for those shaadi,com moments!


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