Posted on May 3, 2019 at 9:37 pm

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Colloquy With Gagan And Mona Matta Piers of Verka Foods Canada

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Colloquy With Gagan And Mona Matta Piers of Verka Foods Canada

and Mona a relationship like a tide: they ebb and flow. On a high tide, it is true bliss and every moment is filled with smiles and laughter accompanied by that tender love. But when the tide is low the dual-earner couple knows how to bounce back and take the relationship again to the high tide. The celebrity couple who is contributing to the South Asian community for many years. They love to travel and enjoy life together and being work partners just adds extra icing on the top. So how do they do this?

Mona Matta a CEO of Verka Foods is a Mom, Entrepreneur, Event Promoter, Social worker and a woman who believes, that dreams do come true with hard work, sacrifices, and gratification for simple blessings in life. Gagan Matta, the pillar of the Verka foods is the president of the company. Being in business for over a decade, she is the CEO of Verka Food International Ltd., one of Canada’s Biggest South Asian Importers, Distributors and manufactures of food products. Mona and Gagan are the youngest promoters to bring Canada’s Biggest Bollywood Shows like “SLAM” featuring Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and proud part of promoters’ team for Comedy Nights with Kapil.

They believe that the biggest happiness comes from giving a moment of happiness to someone in need, and tries to do that with best of her ability and with all her heart by being an active social worker, dedicating countless hours in community services and by supporting various NGO’s and causes.

Mona, who is an inspiration to many, has been awarded the Shakti Award of Excellence in Business.

Her biggest treasure is her 6-year-old Son Abir and family that she loves immensely. She believes that a healthy mind always resides in a healthy body and practices yoga and workout regularly. Mona loves to express herself through writing and singing. Her message to other women is

every woman has the power and magic to create dreams, love, happiness, destiny and nurture it, don’t lose yourself in your journey towards success and making a living. Let Family and Love be your strength and priority…always.

Let’s hear more from this gorgeous couple how do they maintain the relationship and what are the secrets for the strong relationships in an interview….

Tell us about yourself.
Gagan – I moved to Canada in October 1996. I belong to a business family and we are from Delhi. Growing up as the son of a businessman taught me a lot. My father had a company that supplied auto parts to GM motors and we had about 300 employees. When did I move to Canada? In that era, there was not a human to be found… I came down to interacting with three people a day. I felt isolated in a way but that did not stop me from doing what I loved.

How did you start the business?
I was an explorer and wanted to do something of my own. Inheriting fathers business did not appeal to me very much. So I took risks and tried a few countries and traveled to Hongkong and Thailand but never made it to North America. I just had a dream to do something different.

How much capital you had to start a business in Canada?
Well in those times taking money out of India was not as easy as it is today. RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) had strict policies about money transfers to other countries. I started everything from scratch in Canada. After trying various businesses we decided the food business is the one where we will also be able to serve our community. Our motto was to bring the taste of India into this world away from home.

How did you two meet?
It is quite ironic. We both grew up in a Karnal, a city in India. We never met while growing up and then it all happened in Delhi. Before we even knew? We were pronounced husband and wife.

What is the key to success?
Never give up and keep trying. Life is like a highway. You start off from the merging lane and then slowly blend into the fasting moving lane. There are no shortcuts. Just work hard.

What is the secret to such a strong relationship as a couple?
Very simple rule, “use your brain when you leave the home and use your heart when you enter the doors”.

What are my favorite travel destinations?
There are so many. This world is full of beautiful places. It’s hard to name one. Off course, British Columbia is on the top of the list and some other as Australia and New Zealand are gorgeous.

Some words for the fans?
Try various Verka food products. We have collaborated with various grocery giants as save on food and Walmart to make shopping experience and hope everyone will enjoy.

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