Posted on June 6, 2018 at 1:06 pm

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Celebs Who Never Afraid of Showing Love for Coffee

Celebs Who Never Afraid of Showing Love for Coffee

There are certain things in the world which always hit on spot and coffee is one of such things which still hits on target. You will find coffee lovers all over the world, but when you observe the Hollywood stars closely, you find some crazy coffee lovers here who never afraid of showing their love for coffee even when they are in public. Here we will tell you about some of these crazy coffee lovers in Hollywood.

Ariana Grande

You might have read the tweets of Ariana Grande about her love for the coffee. She often tweets about it. Once while giving an interview to a reporter at TIME, Ariana was asked a question about coffee, and there she expressed her love for coffee. She told the reporter that she loves soy lattes. While describing the taste of her favorite coffee, she said,

“The taste I can’t describe in the words because it tastes out of the world to me.”


Hugh Jackman

The love story of Coffee and Hugh Jackman is not hidden from anyone. He went many steps further in his love with coffee and founded Laughing Man Coffee Foundation. The main objective of this foundation was to support the farmers and helping them in growing coffee.  He often narrated about his love for coffee in various interviews. Once he said,

“We love to work hard, but we take our leisure time seriously with a cup of coffee.”

Jackie Chan

While talking about coffee lovers in Hollywood, you can’t miss out Jackie Chan. Like Hugh Jackman, Jackie Chan back in 2006 told about his plan to open a coffee shop chain in various parts of the world. Once in a newspaper interview, he said, “Coffee has no barriers and boundaries.” While telling about his coffee shop chain, he expressed his views by saying,

“When you watch my movie you think about me, and now I want that when you drink coffee, you think about me.” Don’t know about your prior experiences but I hope now when you will hold a cup of coffee, you might think about Jackie Chan.

David Lynch

If you have watched Twin Peaks, you might have the idea how deep is the love relation of David Lynch and Coffee. Throughout the series, he never hesitated while showing his love for coffee. At many instances and interviews, he told about his love and craze for coffee and these references can be found on And finally, he wrote a blog post at Huffington Post’s Obsessed column.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was not on my list while writing this post but then my love for her couldn’t stop me, and I read her tweet: “coffee. COFFEE – me, every day.” Well, this little tweet was enough to show her love for the coffee, and this deliberate inclusion of her name in the list of coffee lovers is enough to show my love for her.

Well, these are not all because there’s a great list of coffee lovers in the Hollywood. We will talk about them somewhere again.