Posted on April 16, 2017 at 11:50 pm

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Rythasha and Prince are down to earth and hardworking- Pankaj Dheer!

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Actor Pankaj Dheer, who has spent three decades acting in an amazing variety and quality of TV shows and films, is a spontaneous actor. However, on his part, he thinks that acting is a natural ability that can be honed. He says,

“With acting, spontaneity comes naturally. I feel that no one can cultivate spontaneity, it takes years to develop that. Yes, you can polish it but either you have it in you or you don’t.”



The actor, who is seen playing Raghuveer Ahlawat in the popular show ‘Badho Bahu’ (produced by Sunny Side Up and Humtum Telefilms) has been appreciated for his role. Talking about the reasons he took up the role, Pankaj says,

“What prompted me to do the show was that mine was a very well-defined role which has never been attempted on television before. What got me really excited was the unique relationship that is depicted in the show.”

So, does he relate to his character in real life?

“Oh, I cannot relate much with the character. Its just that, I am a urban fellow from a small town. So, to relate to such character is difficult, but I understand and give the best of my ability.”

About his young co-actors on the show Rythasa Rathore and Prince Narula, Pankaj says,

“Both kids are very down-to-earth, sincere and hard-working. And both in their own ways have special qualities.”

The actor is also quite pleased with his producers, Dipti Kalwani and HUM TUM Telefilms for producing a show of this type.
With the amount of experience that Pankaj brings, he shares some insights onto how the TV industry has changed.

“The biggest change is that, first there used to be weekly shows; now we have daily shows. The format of daily’s is : in four days, you are completing a feature film. Because every day you have to give half an hour of your episode, so four episodes, next two hours, its nearly a film, which is again humanly impossible. So today you have to have a very strange hand shake between quality and quantity. Whereas in early days, when we had weekly’s, you could really work well. Take 2 days to make a good episode, the creative head, the artists, directors are also relaxed. So the quality is much much better. I wish we could follow the pattern of weekly’s or seasons, like they have in Hollywood.”

His son Nikitin Dheer has followed into his father’s footsteps and is a popular actor who works both in films and on TV. About him, Pankaj says,

“It feels great about Nikitin’s progress. An actor should be versatile, an actor should be open, it should not matter what work, as long as he is doing good, his work is appreciated. I have always told him this, and I think he is doing a great job.”

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