Posted on April 17, 2017 at 1:18 am

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5 Fashion Secrets About Shah Rukh Khan That Astound You!

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50 and charming, King Khan is the one of the few people who are rocking their fifties like no one else does. However, how Shahrukh Khan does it has always been a mystery. Even if we are unsure about the timelessness of “Kal ho na Ho” but we are sure that Sharukh Khan’s fashionable looks will always be a “Ho”. But the question is how does King Khan manage to still look so young and charming in his fifties, and in order to answer that question we have created a list of 5 fashion secrets about Shahrukh Khan that will astound you:


Everyone wants the perfection that Khan’s hair is, but how does he do it. Based on our research we have discovered that Shahrukh’s natural hair and his perfect style is the result of herbal shampoos and natural oil conditioners that are added to his everyday routine. So if you are looking to have perfect hairstyles like Shahrukh Khan then you need to invest in a good herbal shampoo that will keep your hair as strong as King’s hair and enable you to create the perfect hairstyles he has.


Have you ever seen Shahrukh Khan without his watch or sunglasses, well you might have seen him without one, but you won’t see Khan without a perfectly accessorize look, so if you want to find out the secrets of Shahrukh Khan’s charming looks? then one secret is to accessorize like a boss.


You don’t need to be loaded like King Khan if you want to create his styles, all you need to do is stand tall and be confident. If you have seen King from his early days you wouldn’t know him to be a pretty and tall dreamy boy, but an average looking boy. But his style such as his slim pants and well-tailored blazers with a lot of confidence make him look a lot taller than his height. So, the secret to Shahrukh’s fashion is not just the clothes he wears but the confidence he carries the clothes with. You may also purchase clothes from any online fashion store and be confident to look at the same level.

Experimenting with Looks

If you are a diehard King Khan fan then you have probably seen him in bold color jackets and t-shirts, but the funk bright colored jackets and plain tshirts (tshirt Dubai) are not the only secret, the bold attitude Khan carries them with is astounding. Not many people can carry the blue leather jacket Khan is carrying with style in the picture below. All he is wearing is straight jeans, with a blue T-shirt and a blue jacket, and obviously his sun glasses (ahem at night time), but who can question the King of Bollywood on his choice of accessories?



If you have been paying close attention to Khan like I do, you would notice that his shoes are always stylish and he never hesitates to be unconventional in his shoe choices. Whether it’s his casual sneakers, running shoes or patterned formal shoes, Khan’s footwear is always unique and different.

The fashion secret to Shahrukh’s style is to wear whatever he wears with confidence and a bold attitude , otherwise some of the looks that we admire on Khan, we wouldn’t probably like on someone else!

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