Posted on March 7, 2017 at 12:57 pm

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#InternationalWomensDay: Tellytown Talks of Women and Their Struggles!

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They have climbed the mountain tops, dove into deep blue oceans but there is one place women still fall short of achieving. After years of trials and tribulations women continue to be considered a minority in society. Granted that some women take advantage of the situation, but a majority struggle to find a voice in their soundproof world. let’s see what some of television’s most impactful women have to say about that:


Niti Taylor: Today, many women match steps with their male counterparts. I am not feminist or believe in feminism but yes I support and raise my voice against violence happening in women’s life in many ways be it a rape case or killing a girl child. Society will have to understand the need for women’s too.

Helly Shah: Women can do anything and everything. They just need to be brave, fearless and believe that they are equally powerful and capable of doing what they want to. They can bring the change that the world requires. We should be strong enough to take our decisions and take a stand for ourselves.

Tanya Sharma: Woman’s day is suppose to be celebrated 365 days that’s what I think because they’re so important in each and everyone’s life. I wish that we become more fearless and more independent day by day! Cheers to all the lovely women, we are strong and we are just too awesome for this world.

Roop Durgalpal: Our old scriptures say, “Where women are honored, divinity blossoms there, and where women are dishonored, all action no matter how noble remain unfruitful”. A woman completes the man and brings life on earth.For harmony and balance in society, women need to be given equal status, respect and importance.

Mahika Sharma: Women’s have the power to give a life or color the environment. If we don’t exists flowers would have no meaning, moon would be no more important, pearl and gold would be no worthy. Beauty, fragrance, emotions are from us. To get a life one need to either have a mother, wife or daughter without us life would be like rocks or deserts.

Parineeta Borthakur: We are three sisters. My mother always used to say that my father was immensely and equally happy when we three sisters were born. I think, in the society we need more men like my dad. We as women need to teach our brothers, sons, husbands, in fact male community to respect women as they have come from one, and you will get your next generation from one.

Gulfam Khan: 8th of March generally celebrated as women’s day but in all fairness the world is all about the feminine energy. Mother Earth, Jag Janini, Brittania whatever you call her the woman rules birth and the cycle hence every day is as much as woman’s day as it is man’s day.

Shalini Kapoor: A day for appreciating womens contribution and celebrating it is very much important. I am not feminist, I have no doubts or questions over men’ contribution. Even they are ahead for bringing the change and developing the old status for women’s. I am sure round the year we can celebrate our womenhood and yes I do raise my voice against violence not gender.

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