Posted on March 27, 2017 at 8:43 am

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Here's How The Half Girlfriend Poster Might Look

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‘Half Girlfriend’ movie poster is slated to be unveiled tomorrow morning at 11.30 AM.

While waiting for the poster to release, here’s seeing what you can expect from the poster:

Close Yet Apart:

Director Mohit Suri has earlier made sure to keep the distance between his lead protagonists at minimal, and yet show some craving between both of them.

‘Half Girlfriend’ might just not be different in any way.

Following the crux of the story, Arjun Kapoor might look like this:

Whereas Shraddha Kapoor might be this:

Anyway, check out the other teaser posters which are already out:

Do let us know if you could figure out what the poster might be like. Else, wait for 11.30 am tomorrow to know for sure!

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