Posted on March 25, 2017 at 2:37 am

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Aniruddh and Shubhi's Paso Doble Performance!

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TV’s YARO i.e. Aniruddh Dave will be seen performing with his wife Shubhi Ahuja in Mumbai’s Got Talent Event. Talking about this performance Shubhi shares,

“We did Paso Doble dance form. Aniruddh has danced with a blindfold on his face and in a very short time, we have tried to do our best. The audience will get to see our awesome chemistry.”


Shubhi who always wanted to work with him says,

“I always say and consider him as a brilliant actor and it’s a treat for any actor who’s working with him, with his inputs, dedication, innovation and improvisations. He’s loved by one and all. He’s well of his craft. I listen to his speeches and scenes even sometimes at home.”

Well, we surely are excited to see this awesome chemistry!
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