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Actress Alexandra Hellquist nominated for the Best Lead Actress Award for the comedy Midnight Delight

Midnight Delight continues to do well around the world, much to the ‘delight’ of the cast and crew who are also getting recognized for their work! Alexandra Hellquist has been nominated for the Best Lead Actress by the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema (IFF of World Cinema)for her role in the multi-award winning comedy Midnight Delight directed by Rohit Gupta. The winners of the annual awards ceremony will be announced on December 3, 2016.  IFF of World Cinema has an extensive Awards Program with the Awards Ceremony Gala being one of the major highlights. IFF of World Cinema will take place from 26 November to 3 December in Milan, Italy.

This marks Hellquist’s second award and first for the Best Lead Actress for the comedy film, in which she stars as the aspiring actress Jolene. Earlier this year in September, Hellquist won a Gold Award for the Best Supporting actress at the International independent Film Awards 2016 in California for her performance in Midnight Delight.

Upon receiving this accolade an ecstatic Hellquist said,

“It was such a joy and privilege to be part of this freewheeling, collaborative film. It means so much that Midnight Delight is getting recognized all over the world, from the Philippines, to Europe, to the US; and as someone with family in Italy, it’s particularly wonderful to have a nomination in Milano! Grazie mille al IFF per questo onore, e complimenti a tutti i canditati!” She further added, “And thanks, most of all, to our visionary director, Rohit Gupta. Without his absolute trust, there’s no way our beautiful cast and crew could have gone so nuts. Rohit, you’re a wonder – Thanks for helping us all “Say Hi to High!'”

Alexandra plays Jolene in the vignette ‘Illusion or Reality’ – a quirky, naive, aspiring actress exceedingly ill-at-ease in the smoking lounge, who’s very much a newcomer to the experience of cannabis. Like the other segments in the anthology feature, this piece was entirely improvised, with all the dialogue developing spontaneously between Hellquist and her co-actor, Michael LaGuerre (Award of Merit, Best Lead Actor, Accolade Global Film Awards 2016).

Alexandra is an international actor, who meandered her way through seven different countries over four continents before arriving in the United States to pursue her passion for acting. Perhaps because of her international background and nomadic childhood, Alexandra’s work is marked by a insistence on a chameleonic range of roles, which can be seen in her off-beat character work for Midnight Delight.

Eric Fetterman, in his review for Bro Knows Movies delivered a positive review giving the film 4 stars out of 5. Noting Midnight Delight for its realism, he said,

“The performances don’t really feel like performances at all”. He further added, “Comprised of 9 vignettes, the result is surprisingly exhilarating.” Fetterman also drew comparison of the film’s narrative style with Garry Marshall films concluding “Midnight Delight feels like a much better, more surreal Garry Marshall film, all about pot, and the amusing encounters of real life strangers”.

Produced by Rohit Gupta and Saumin Mehta under the production company Dot and Feather Entertainment the film features nine vignettes of comedy, wit and reality that follow strangers in high spirits, crossing paths during nights of exploration. These curious visitors reflect on daily existence, societal curiosities and demystify the status quo along the way conversing about various topics. Discussion includes topics varying from “why do we talk” to “what do models eat”, “if water makes us fat”, to “if dolphins could be the reason for the inception of the entire universe or its destruction” moving to even hats, moisturizer, maths, infinity, working out at the gym, dating games and health supplements among other topics. The film was released on July 21, 2016 worldwide via video on demand (VOD) on various platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Vimeo, Hoopla, Sony among others.

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