Posted on August 21, 2016 at 5:26 pm

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"You learn so much when you travel"- Shashank Vyas

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Who loves travelling? I think when one travels it feels refreshing and adventurous. Recently, the popular actor Shashank Vyas who is from Ujjain took a trip to Himachal Pradesh for the second time and he seems to have had a blast and really enjoyed himself.


When talking more about his trip he expresses,

“Trip to Himachal Pradesh was quite relaxing especially when your school and college friends accompanied you it becomes more fun.  Though the weather was unpredictable it was raining at times and sometimes it was sunny. The overall weather was quite cool and pleasant.”


How many times have you been to Manali?

This was my second trip  to Manali but this time, I covered all the places which I did not go during the first time I visited Manali, places like Bhagsu, Mcleodganj and Kasol are beautiful.

How important is travelling to you in life?

If you ask me what I love the most I would say acting and travelling. Travel gives you so much in terms of learning. This time, I did not stay in a luxury resort rather I opted for an average place, also travelled in a local transport to get the real feel of the place. It teaches you the lifestyle of the locals and also as an artist it helps me to observe so many things going around.


he also adds,

“I agree television medium is very demanding but to take out time and relax yourself is very important plus it depends on the individual. I love to travel and am working on sets for long hours for years which is also stressful so going out and living life away from city noise, traffic and rush I feel is required.”

Anything interesting about your experience from this trip?

The experience was quite good as I met few people from Israel, it was fun talking to them getting to know their culture and nation. In a way, I made friends which is a gain.


When talking about how different it feels and is from living in Mumbai and spending time on a hill station he states,

“It does make a difference of course. Mumbai is a city of dreams so we all are very busy to make our mark in chasing our targets. Hills are for peace knowing yourself better, it’s like emptying yourself and just feel the fresh air and connecting with nature. I try to travel in every six months interval to refresh myself.”

Everyone should have at least one experience in travelling because it’s refreshing, adventurous and it gets you away from reality for a few days.

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