Posted on August 25, 2016 at 2:25 am

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Vibhu Raghave and Mreenal Deshraj talk about Janmasthami!

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Janmasthami is here and actors are celebrating one of the most religious holidays where everyone gets together and prays to Lord Krishna! Here are what some actors have to say for this auspicious day!

Vibhu RaghaveLord Krishna is the most unusual God from the religious texts. He was a God in human form but never shyed away from showing his Godly side to people. I think he epitomizes self-acceptance and youth. I am a proud believer but I don’t follow only one particular God, for me there is one power up there with a million forms and faces. I usually fast on Janmashtami and that is such a spiritual high for me. By the day end you feel the vibration of your faith in your body. My fondest memory of the day is when I was about 7-8 year old and I was on a fast for the day, but I was starving so badly by 4:00 pm that I remember crying and howling outta hunger but I didn’t break my fast until midnight. That day I was truly undeterred because of my focus on my faith and it amazes me till date.



Mreenal Deshraj – As a child, we had lot of fun during all the festivals. We are 5 siblings, one elder brother and four sisters. We all live together in the orange city NAGPUR. Especially on Janmashtami each one of us use to make sweets with Milk. As milk and curd was Lord Krishna’s favorite food and the same would be shared among all are relatives and friends. Janmasthami is a fantastic festival which makes me feel quite positive and vibrant. India is a secular country where all festivals are celebrated with lot of affection.

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