Posted on August 10, 2016 at 2:21 am

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Vibhu Raghav talks life and on screen TV!

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Vibhu Raghav who has done shows like Surveen Guggal, Nisha Aur Uske Cousins speaks about life and career to and how close and important family is to him. Check out our interview with Vibhu Raghav!

How did your parents react to your decision of becoming an actor/actress?

My parents were not ecstatic about my decision but they were also not upset. I had finished my engineering degree and also worked a few years in a top IT firm so when I suggested that I am taking a sabbatical to try acting they were pretty fine, provided I make it back to corporate life if nothing works out in acting. Luckily I never had to go back to my 9 to 5.
Who are you closest to in your family?
I think I’m closest to my mom. She is perfect balance of culture and open-mindedness. She is practical yet lets go from time to time. I think I feel that bond because I get my creative and inquisitive nature from her.
Your style Icon.
I like Enrique Iglesias for his effortless style sense. His style is still workable even after decades and it reflects a certain sense of self-confidence and not having to prove anything to anyone, which should be the validation for any style.
Your fitness regime. 
 I try to workout 4 days a week, eat some greens everyday, don’t curb myself too much on processed food, and I ensure my daily small bite of chocolate for a balanced body-mind living.
What exotic pet would you life to keep in your house? Why?
I don’t endorse the idea of keeping an exotic pet, because by definition these animals belong in the wild, they were never meant to be human pets like dogs and cats. However, if had chance to save some exotic animal and give it a shelter then it has to be the Timber Wolf from North America. My friends call me Wolfy because I have this natural innate connection with wolf. I feel it’s my spirit animal for it is intelligent, social, alpha species and yet secretive.
One thing you love to do when no one is watching.
I love to raid my hidden stash of chocolate when no one is watching. Also, I love taking my t-shirt off whenever where ever possible because it brings a sense of connection with Nature when the wind slides on your bare skin and Sun warms it up.
One book that made you see the world differently.
It’s the biography of Jim Corbet. It blew my mind how a grown up Hunter had a change of mind heart and soul, and became a protector of what he hunted before. It taught me how one can always keep connecting better and deeper with the surrounding and how connection with Nature effects the purity of our soul.
Three people from history you’d love to invite to dinner.
 The three people I would love to have dinner with are Abraham Lincoln, for he was a visionary of a leader for his time. Christopher Columbus, for his explorer spirit resonates with me. And, Princess Diana, for a fairy-tale dinner is incomplete without the presence of a kind heart and world winning charisma like her.
The weirdest thing a fan has done.
 I landed at Newark airport in USA for my long layover to Michigan and this kind lady at the Dunkin Donuts shop recognized me. She was the owner I guess. She not only offered me food on the house but she also offered to pack me food for next flight and the rest of the day. Few weeks later I had dinner with her whole family and that was a perfect end to my trip.
One rumour you would love to start about yourself.
 That I am dating Emma Watson.
One thing not many people know about you.
 That by education I am a Masters in Computer Applications.
The last line of your autobiography would read.
 And the world became a better place, and people a bit happier for I did my part as a tenant on this planet.
Three things in a man/woman that are instant turn-ons for you.
Clean feet, self confidence(however,over confidence is a definite turnoff) and third would be curiosity about the world beyond their set boundaries
First celebrity crush.
Karishma Kapoor
Favourite movie.
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Yes I am very filmy.
Dream role.
Jack in Titanic.
Comfort food.
Pizza, Rajma Chawal and Deserts.
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