Posted on July 30, 2016 at 8:03 pm

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#SummerHair: The Summer is hot with Hair style trends by Asgar Saboo!

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We know it’s so hot around the world right now especially North America! Some of us love the heat and well some of us do not! But not to worry because Asgar Saboo is here to tell you how to still rock the best styles and looks for this summer look! Now ladies before you get upset this is for the men but don’t you worry we have a list for our ladies as well!

Here we go!

The Taper Fade



The taper fade haircut is one of the most classic and fashionable styles for men, which is masculine, yet a fresh look that’s perfect for casual or professional occasions.

For the taper look you need to have the sides cut or buzzed considerably shorter than the length of the hair on top. This is the key component, as after the hair is cut, styling the hair consists of just the top portion. There are many way to wear the tapered fade from sweeping your hair over to the side, tussling it up for the ‘just out of bed look’ to polishing off the look via using product to push the hair into an upward motion for a forward fringe.


Short and Choppy

Short and choppy is a more low maintenance style that evolved from last year’s longer hair trend to a more loose and textured style. The top is now slightly shorter and the sides have been clipped down for more of a contrast much like the taper fade, but less dramatic. The choppiness also gives the illusion of more texture, bulk and weight to the hair, thus making it seem thicker.

To Style: Use a water based gel and tussle your hand through the hair until happy with the styled result. You can also use a thicker paste applied to the roots for a secure hold or for a slightly less wet look. If you have particularly thin hair a root booster powder to optimise volume and will give a matte finish. This style is intended to look slightly ruffled and messy so styling needn’t take an hour.. Just ruffle and go.

The Textured Quiff, Top Volume

This is the less polished, more textured version of a the quiff with depth that is not too structured. Again following the trend with shorter back and sides this style is easy to maintain and depending on the length of the quiff you can change-up your style at any time.

To style you can work texture power to the roots to add depth and bulk, adding volumising spray will also work however texture power will last longer compared to a water base product. Then, rub paste or a soft clay between your fingers and hands so the warmth of your palms makes the product more manageable. Twist the hair slightly at the sides of the crown, pushing it upwards, before passing your hands through the quiff until you are happy with the result and the quiff stays in place. Finish with a strong hold hair spray to make the quiff extra secure.



The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a great look and very useful when the weather gets sweltering hot. It a style that is easy to maintain and looks great with stubble or a beard.

Your need to remember that not all buzz cuts needs to be a really short length 0 all around, a number 1 or 2 buzz can also look great if you prefer more hair. Face shapes are all different so one length won’t fit all. You can always change your buzz cut up by mixing it up with a high fade, low fade and varying lengths of your desire.



The Side Part Pompadour
For the side part pompadour you need to have trust in your barbar to achieve this look. The side part pompadour starts with hair that fades from the top to bottom with a hard parting with a flat blade razor so it needs to be done correctly. This style looks great with a good length fringe or swept over.

To Style: The best ways to style this look is to spread product over your hand and fingers and using your palms and smooth the product into the sides. Combing the top section away from the parting so there is a clean divide and lift your fringe and from the shape of the fringe into your desired style.



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