Posted on March 21, 2016 at 1:38 pm

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"I am looking forward to more challenging roles!" – Vishal Gandhi

If there is one word which describes Vishal Gandhi, it’s versatility! Until now Vishal Gandhi has wowed the audience with his romantic avatar, but now audiences are getting to see him in a whole new avatar with Tamanna. As Mihir, Vishal has not only redefined grey shaded leads but also himself. Now at the end of the stint, Vishal exclusively recaps his journey as the manipulative Mihir. Here’s what he has to say:

Vishal Gandhi

You’ve been so popular as the boy next door, so why Mihir and why now?

As an actor, one must always be open to different kinds of characters. Personally, I wanted play a grey shaded character to see where I stand as an actor and Tamanna being a finite series was the perfect opportunity which came to me at the right time.

We hear fans have been sending you a bunch of hate comments on Mihir. Do you view that as positive or negative?

I’m happy that fans are sending me hate comments because essentially these comments are for Mihir. If fans are hating Mihir it’s my victory because that just means I’m doing my job the right way. If people were to love or idolize me as the negative, it means I’m not doing a good job but if they hate me, it means I’m on the right track so thank you very much for hating me.


Whom did you enjoy working with the most in Tamanna?

There was not one person in particular whom I loved working with. I think the cast was so wonderfully put together. I spent sometime working with Ketki ma’am, Kiran Karmarkar, Rajlaxmi, and Nimisha Vakharia who plays my mom. Even though Nimisha ma’am was there a short period of time, I enjoyed working with her. She is absolutely hilarious. She can make you laugh at just about anything. Ketki ma’am was also a pleasure. I got to experience her famous one liners and they were just awesome!

How difficult is it to work on a finite series as compared to an infinite series?

It’s not difficult but the one thing which is different is you have to stick to the script. There is no liberty in terms rescheduling due to unavailability. You can just add or remove a track as per your convince, you simply have to stick to what is given to you and complete the shoot in a timely fashion. It’s kind of like shooting for a movie. So yes that pressure is there but apart from that it’s the same.


What was it like working with Waseem Sabbir?

I simply have no words to describe him. He is one of the finest directors I have worked with, not just because he pampers his actors but also because he knows his art so well. Everyone on set is so comfortable around him and he makes sure we are all well taken care of. He even brings us lunch from home. In fact, me being a foodie I asked him to bring me biryani on the last day of my shoot since his sister is an awesome cook and without a second thought, he had my biryani ready. I feel like I have found a brother in him.

Vishal Gandhi

A lot of fans have asked for the return of the iconic Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahanii. If the story were to adhere to real time, what would your ideal, mature post college Kabir be like?

I feel that what is done should remain finished. Yes, Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahanii was special and a popular show at that but think of it this way, we all love Sachin Tendulkar and are upset that he retired at the peak of his career. We all want him to comeback but if he were to continue what he does and ends up not performing the way we expect, then people would bad mouth him. The same way, I feel that such iconic shows should be left in their glory. When the show ended it ended at its peak. Now if we were to do it with such matured roles the show will lose its charm. I myself am content with the way Kabir’s track ended on the show so I don’t see myself continuing onwards with a second season. So if the show continues, I’d like to say best of luck to who ever continues on with Kabir.

You are very active on social media. Do you feel it helps or harms in terms of separating an actor’s personal life and professional life?

Everything has its good and bad. As for me, whatever I post is strictly professional and I make sure of it. As for the rest, I always have well wishers looking out for me and guiding me if something goes wrong.



What kinds of projects are you looking forward to in the future?

As an actor I’m obviously eying something big but in terms of television I am definitely looking forward to something challenging as Mihir was. So of something of that caliber comes along I will definitely go for.

Your track in Tamanna has officially ended today. What would you say to fans who will miss seeing you on screen.

Yes my tack has ended, but my journey has not. I’d like to thank all those who hated me as Mihir. It made my journey worth while. I am thankful to you all for loving me, criticizing me, and I look forward to meeting you again on screen. I don’t know whether it would be on the big screen or small but you will surely see me soon so keep looking out.