Posted on October 19, 2015 at 8:52 pm

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What happens when Brooklyn Shanti goes to Russia?

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What do we get when a Bengali American heads to Russia? “Soviet Bhangra!” Brooklyn Shanti brings us a unique new musical adventure inspired by his recent trip to Russia! Check out the track on SoundCloud for a free download!

Brooklyn Shanti teamed up with Chuck Upbeat for this song. “Soviet Bhangra” is a musical and ideological blend of Soviet Bass and Indian Bhangra Beats. Nothing similar has ever been produced! Lenin woke up and went Bhangra having heard those Indian Vocals, Bhangra percussions and melodies mixed with House Beats and Bengali Dancehall patois alongside Soviet Marching Beats! Respected Soviet leader OD’d on curry on his way to communistic Samadhi!

The track features samples from Soviet propaganda videos about friendship between India and USSR, songs, dances mixed with heavy bass. Picture of the legendary “Indian tea with an elephant” pack which used to be the best tea in USSR as a cover! “СОРТ I”, if you want to find out what “copt 1” means follow Chuck Upbeat and Brooklyn Shanti!