Posted on September 14, 2015 at 12:55 am

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The countdown to the 2016 Youth Delphic Games in Goa kicks off with a special ceremony!

The upcoming 5th Youth Delphic Games, a prestigious event widely recognized as the twin sister of the modern Olympic Games, is all set to take place in Goa in 2016. Kicking off the event is the traditional water-fetching ritual known as the Castalian Springs Ceremony.

Image 3_Castalian Springs CeremonyThe Indian delegation was present in Delphi, Greece on September 8th as water was drawn from the holy Castalian Springs to be transported to the Games’ host country, symbolizing the first key milestone leading up to the opening ceremony of the upcoming edition of the Delphic Games, the mecca of global arts and culture. Organized by the Hellenic Greek Council, the Castalian Springs Ceremony was witnessed by a specially selected team of Indian, Greek, and German representatives of the International Delphic Council. This special delegation will deliver the water to Goa, where it will be integrated into the Games’ opening ceremony.

Addressing the momentous occasion, Mr. J. Christian B. Kirch, the Founder and Secretary General of the International Delphic Council and the Modern Delphic Games, shared the following remarks:

“India and Greece have shared a deep cultural connection since the 600 BC. Both are culturally rich lands, and now share a renewed connection with India turning into a Delphic Games host. Within India, a place like Goa stands for assimilation of diverse cultures and hence serves to be the perfect host for our upcoming edition.”

Elated to be hosting the celebrated international event in India, Sarika Baheti, member of the Youth Delphic Games Organizing Committee, said,

“It feels great to be from the host country of the upcoming Youth Delphic Games, more so when the holy Delphic water will come to India, the great land of spiritual evolution. We are excited to make the Indian edition a grand international celebration of global arts and culture, which is sure to take the camaraderie and cultural ties between India and the World to a whole new level.”

Dating back over 1600 years, the Delphic Games traces its roots to the historic city of Delphi in ancient Greece. The Games of the modern era brings to life one of the oldest arts and culture movements in the world. In the same way that fire holds a special significance for the Olympics, the water drawn in the Castalian Springs Ceremony symbolizes the timeless, pure, and life-giving element that is the heart and soul of the Delphic Games.