Posted on June 16, 2015 at 11:06 pm

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Midnight Delight to set tone at Olympic Peninsula

Film director-producer Rohit Gupta’s latest flick, Midnight Delight will kick off the 2nd HempaPalooza Music and Film Festival 2015 in Brinnon, WA, on the summer solstice weekend of June 19-22th  .Hempapalooza welcomes in an audience of over 5000 people and is focused on celebrating cannabis culture and raising awareness about the alternative uses of hemp. The film will be premiered on Sunday, June 21, 10 pm local time.

The festival founder, director Nicole Black said, “We are stoked about hosting the red carpet Washington state premier of Rohit’s cult movie Midnight Delight at the fest.”   Black went on to say,

“We want people to come here, smoke some weed with their friends, enjoy the fest and have a good time but also keep it educational. Hemp is capable of developing sustainable alternatives for food, fuel, clothing, medicine and building material.”

Midnight Delight – Official Movie Teaser Trailer #1 [HD] from on Vimeo.

Tag-lined ‘Say hi to high…’ and ‘Couch. Conversations. Clarity.’, the 85-minute cannabis-friendly movie is composed of nine vignettes that revolves around various people who are smoking marijuana at a salon as they exchange opinions about various beliefs and experiences.  Midnight Delight is simply a depiction of a harmless cannabis culture lifestyle“, stated Saumin Mehta, the co-producer of the film, who is also credited for most of its post-production. In agreement, Black added, “The film is a pure cinematic aphrodisiac that brings a completely new and fresh take on cannabis-based movies and culture”.

Midnight Delight had its California premier last month at the first ever Cannabis Film Festival of the US in Humboldt County, also known as the Oscars of marijuana related cinema. The film walked away with the ‘Jury Choice Best Film of the Festival 2015’ award.

“Watching Midnight Delight is like experiencing a cinematic joint” read the jury statement.

Written, directed by Rohit Gupta, the film features award-winning actor Shaheed Woods, Michele Suttile, John Crann, Maggie Alexander, Bill McCrea, Rachel Myers, Dipti Mehta, Alexandra Hellquist, among others. The films’ original music is composed by Zaher Akahashli and features theme song I get high by Filo and I hold featuring Marika Hackman by British song writer-singer Sivu.

The four-day Hempapalooza festival will feature movies, live performances by celebrated musicians including Grammy-winner Julius Melendez, the Marijuana Business Show and the Cannabis Olympics where, ‘the best of the best’ will be crowned by a panel of celebrity judges including Matt Shotwell from Discovery Channel’s Weed Country. The categories include Sativa, Indica, Concentrates (solvent and non-solvent), Joint Rolling Competition and Miscellaneous.

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