Posted on May 29, 2015 at 8:02 am

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What exactly is a sanitary FIR? Check out this video and find out!

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The citizens of India seem to have an allergic reaction to police stations, officers and FIRs and rightfully so. Their allergic reaction is just a domino effect of most officers’ reaction to their duties. While not all officers are unapproachable. Most of the nation encounters the same gruesome strain while attempting to register an FIR. At times, extreme measures are required to make your voices heard.
In their video titled Sanitary FIR, Purani Dili Talkies speaks of a unique way to open an officers ears and have him listen to what you truly have to way.

While this is just a comic approach to a common problem, we must not forget that victims face this on a daily basis. In matters of rape, abuse and assault, the matter is stretched far more causing more stress on the victim then when he or she first entered the police station. It’s high time we act to make our voices heard!

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