Posted on April 21, 2015 at 10:08 pm

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Bally Singh: The Most Interesting Indian Man in the World

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I am convinced that there is a distinct formula for creating internet fame on social media. Is it wealth, talent, beauty, luck, or simply a strategic combination of all the above? The internet is full of characters who have mastered the art of becoming viral — Dan Bilzerian, Rebecca Black, Kim Kardashian – all have ended up on our social feeds in one way or another.  In the life of the rich and socially famous, no one has done it like this man: Bally Singh — The creator of the Rich List Group. Watch this video below as he takes his crew out to a private island in Dubai:

Meet the real Mr. Worldwide, who’s simply on another level. From Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Morocco, Sweden, India, and Dubai, Bally has accomplished almost everything you can imagine to make even the richest man on this earth jealous – or perhaps the most interesting man look not so interesting any more. Fleets of exotic cars, mansions, beach villas, private islands, celebrities, boats, helicopters, beautiful women, premium elite brands, you name it he’s got it all under his H belt. It’s all a part the Rich List empire. The Rich List Group was created by Mr. Singh to be a trendsetter of the world’s most elite lifestyles, and the team are definitely on top of their game.

To the young Singh’s out there, you don’t have to sell out. You can still be Indian and reach your goals in life. You can be a footballer, a boxer, a movie star, a rapper. God made us to stand out. Count so much they can not ignore you. – Bally Singh

The Rich List Group recently acquired one of the most expensive 8 bedroom Penthouses in Marbella, previously owned by one of the richest men in the world Adnan Khashoggi. The Rich List Group is one brand of many behind his marketing and PR company Media Board with clients such as Jay Z’s Ace of Spades, Abu Dhabi Formula 1 racing, and more. See the penthouse below:

Mr. Singh started Media Board and the Rich List Group to prove that an man of Indian decent can become successful in a career of marketing and PR.

“I was tired of the commercial world, keeping Indians out of all TV programs and marketing — Sikh’s out of TV Programs — so i just thought I would make my own and I did. I didn’t waste time, I just made my own. They cant ignore us.” – Bally Singh

Follow Mr. Singh on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget to watch his first episode of his new series Showstoppers featuring the hottest talent in the world exclusively on Rich List TV.

Take a look inside the world of the Rich List Group lifestyle:

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