Posted on February 21, 2015 at 11:56 pm


#NYFW Make Up looks for less!

New York Fashion Week just showcased the latest fashion trends for fall 2015 and we’ve got all the tips and tricks for less just for you!


1. This year the glossy eye-lids look was in! Many designers had their models walk the runway with neutral make up and glossy eyes. Make up artist Diane Kendal used products like MAC Clear LipGlass ($15) on the eyelids of models on the eyelid and up to the brow bone for the Carolina Herrera show. How can you get this look for less? Try a drug store lip balm! Make up artist Yadim actually used Maybelline Babylips lip balm ($4) to eyelids backstage at DKNY!

2. The natural look is in this season, neutrals and light make up was big this fashion week. Brown eyeliner was on many of the models this year, try MAC Fluidline in Dipdown ($15). An easy tip to apply straight eyeliner is start at the outer edge and stay close to the lash line as you move towards the inner eye. Then dab a little moisturizer on a liner brush and wipe away the excess until the liner is as thin as you want it!


3. Matte Nail polish was another trend seen on the runway at this year’s New York Fashion Week. How do you achieve the best matte look? We’ve got the answers! First make sure your nails are clean and then apply the cuticle oil, now this is usually placed at the end but we don’t want the glossy look so apply it first. Next glide on a base coat for a smooth surface, make sure you fill in all the edges! After the base coat put on your polish color, we suggest Jazz by Essie, which was seen in the Alexander Wang show. Be sure to wait at least 10 minutes because matte colors take longer to dry.

4. Get fuller eyelashes easily without a primer! That’s right, we said no primer! Just add powder instead, the powder clings to your lashes and adds another layer to them to make them look fuller. After dusting some loose translucent powder on your eyelashes apply your mascara.

5. Rack up on the blush because rosy cheeks are in! In this cold weather make up artists are using winter as their inspiration for a look that reflects the rosy tint from a cold winter walk. For this look first wipe off some of your foundation from the cheeks before applying blush because this allows your cheek’s natural reddness to blend in plus it keeps you from looking too pink. Start at the center of your cheek and brush downwards instead of upwards. You can even use a matte pink lipstick as the blush and apply it with a fan brush, a trick used in the Kate Spade show.

Hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks! Got a make up trick you love? Share it with us!