Posted on December 11, 2014 at 8:03 am

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Worldfest 2014: Don't Miss This Opportunity of a Lifetime

Worldfest 2014 is Ferriswheel’s annual international performing arts festival which aims to bring the world together in one place. Worldfest 2014 is a festival that has everything a person could want including new cultures, intricate traditions, mouth watering delicacies and plethora of performances. A colorful mixture of arts, dance, music and pure entertainment awaits you at Lavasa from 17th to 21st December 2014, so don’t miss this chance! We give you 5 reasons why Worldfest 2014 is the place to be.

  1. One spot for travelers:

Worldfest 2014 offers a wide range of activities from dance to drama, music to food under one roof. With countries like Brazil, Egypt, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Slovenia, Sri Lanka participating in Worldfest 2014, it is a perfect place for an avid traveler. It is a one-stop destination for anyone who wishes to travel the globe, share their stories, meet new people and experience a world different from theirs.

  1. Cultural Potpourri:

These countries will showcase various beautiful facets of their country, some known and some unknown, captivating the audience completely. Learn languages, taste dishes, sing songs and dance to music from different countries. This melting pot of culture is an opportunity for all to have an international experience.

  1. Food from around the globe:

Let your taste buds enjoy the magic of exotic cuisines. From Polish food to the Brazilian dishes, you are bound to be amazed with the variety Worldfest has to offer. Choose from your favorite delicacies and also those that you may have never heard of! Be adventurous!

  1. Watch great performances from all over the globe:

Watch as accomplished crews from across the globe entertain you with their expert moves. Last year the event saw mesmerizing traditional folk performances that left the audience in awe. Among them were, Serbian classical ballet ‘Simyonov’, represented the richness of folklore in a bold and powerful style. This year gear up for scintillating performances by Egypt, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Slovenia and Sri Lanka who are coming together to take your breath away.

  1. Lose yourself in world music:

Music is a common language that brings everyone together with its melodious tunes. No matter what the language is, music can always break barriers creating a world where everyone is equal. So gear up to listen to “7estrelo”, a renowned Braziliancontemporary music group formed by two young composers: André Lanari and Bruno Tonelli. Experience Egyptian beats and sway to the music of Nigerian drums at Worldfest 2014.

So Guys, what do you think? Are you ready for 100% pure fun with Worldfest 2014?

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