Posted on September 19, 2011 at 5:20 pm

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Want hair like Taylor Swift?

The country princess that has everyone’s heart, Taylor Swift always seems to look like an angel with her perfect head of golden curls, but let’s get real right now ladies, you know she doesn’t wake up looking like that!

Taylor Swift has a team of professionals getting her hair perfectly coiffed but surprisingly it’s simple for those of us normal people with less skills to get the same look on a budget no less! Taylor Swift actually uses Pantene Pro-V products to get her hair that soft waves and healthy look, specifically Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick, Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. After reading she used the shampoo  in Teen Vogue, I decided to try out the shampoo and conditioner myself since I have wavy/curly hair like her as well and my personal testimony is that it works pretty well. First week my hair still felt rough but after using it a few weeks I could see a healthy change, AND my curls were definitely less frizzy!

So here’s how to get the Swift look:

  • Start off with Pantene Medium-Thick, Frizzy to Smooth shampoo and conditioner. Remember, shampoo thoroughly, put conditioner only on the bottom half/ends of your hair and comb through it to be sure it gets on all of your hair before rinsing.
  • Next dry your hair just so it’s slightly wet and not totally drenched.

Use John Frieda’s Root Awakening spray for all hair types, (you can find it at any drugstore,) to give your hair that lift at the roots. Start by lifting small sections of your hair up, spray at the root and comb or brush through softly

  • After the Root Awakening spray is added, add your preferred hair serum to the ends of your hair just to keep it healthy and safe from the heat of the curler, some options include the John Frieda Thermal Protection Hair Serum called Frizz-Ease or even the Pantene Pro-V hair treatment cream that belongs to the Medium-Thick, Frizzy to Smooth collection.

  • After all the protective and smoothing hair products have been applied now you can start curling! First tie up the top half of your hair and use a curler with a small diameter (1/2 inch to  1 inch, no wider than that) to curl your hair releasing small sections of your hair from the tie as you move up. If you have straight hair be sure to use a tiny dab of curling mouse or a light spray gel to hold the curls throughout the day and also be sure to heat up the curler appropriately because if it’s not hot enough straight hair will not curl.
  • If you have bangs use a curler with a thicker diameter for that and rest assured you don’t need to curl all the way to the roots, the root awakening spray has already lifted the top half for that boost!

See, that wasn’t totally stressful, now was it? I’m sure you guys can rock the TaySwift look anytime! Be sure to comment and let us know how it goes!