Posted on April 25, 2017 at 10:44 am

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UA Exclusive | IIFA Head Honcho Andre Timmins Reveals Why Dangal Isn't Nominated This Year

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IIFA being the biggest Bollywood awards show, there was a lot of buzz around the fact that 2017‘s much-appreciated Bollywood movie ‘Dangal’ hasn’t even been nominated for the awards!

However, we at Urban Asian exclusively spoke to Andre Timmins, owner of Wizcraft, also the head honcho of IIFA, which is when he revealed to us why the movie wasn’t even nominated.

Andre said, “That’s not true. Our process goes that a producer sends in his application. ‘Dangal’ has not sent an application, no. Without an application, how can we nominate them? ‘Dangal’ has not sent in their form.”

What do you have to say, now that you know the reason ‘Dangal’ hasn’t been nominated?

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