Posted on March 2, 2017 at 11:28 am

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Payal Khandwala Releases Her SS'17 Campaign 'Back To Basics'

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We are thrilled to announce that the Payal Khandwala brand completes 5 glorious years this spring! On this occasion, the designer releases her SS’17 campaign ‘Back To Basics’ with a personal note.


Talking about the journey so far and how it brought her to designing this collection, Payal said,


“As we celebrate our 5th anniversary this spring, I wanted to make a concerted effort to focus on our brand’s core philosophy. Our strengths have constantly been colour, proportion and silhouette while being attentive in creating clothes that are both simple and strong.


As a philosophy, we have never focused on trends or even fashion for that matter, because my impetus to establish the distinct grammar of our label has always come from within. Our garments have always maintained a very personal point of view, shapes are both free spirited yet classic and remain easy but luxurious.


As a painter I love the idea of a strong visual to communicate a concept. So this season the starting point of our print story was a cluster of roses – a simple thought, but a strong reference. A motif that is central to the perceived dichotomy of femininity and strength. Yet I conceived them as an antithesis of how we typically see flowers in spring, fragile, in full bloom and in colour. So when I penciled the artwork, the theme was gentle in theory but bold in execution.


Devoid of pigment and defined by a strong line; I kept the illustration minimal yet very graphic. The pattern was drafted freehand on paper and I played with scale and placement to cement this idea, with a motif that is both fierce but still rooted in something feminine, much like the clothes themselves.


In a stark contrast to our masculine lion motif last season, our rose is its counterpart this time around. In addition to our palette of coffee, crimson, citrine, indigo and leaf green our layered separates in pleats, linens, cottons and light silks, also make an appearance in black and white. A first for our label otherwise synonymous with a rich jewel toned palette.”

check out the collection:

payal-khandwala-ss17-1 payal-khandwala-ss17-2 payal-khandwala-ss17-3 payal-khandwala-ss17-4 payal-khandwala-ss17-5 payal-khandwala-ss17-6

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