Posted on March 16, 2017 at 1:42 am

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Moonlit Romance by Mughal!

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Mesmerised by the Mughal architecture and intricate inlay patterns delicately carved on moonlit marble. This all white summer collection celebrates the enchanting grace of Persian architecture.

Easy cruise silhouettes are crafted out of luscious soft textiles enhanced with poetic patterns of floral motifs inspired by the Mughal miniature. Dramatic silken fringe details, daring styled and seductive cuts best describes this line of Romantic cruise wear with an Arabic soul.

 About Sounia Gohil

Label is the eponymous high fashion brand of designer and entrepreneur Sounia Gohil.

The label is essentially a quintessential youthful mix of modern yet elegant silhouettes combined with timeless traditional intricate embroideries, announcing itself with an exuberant burst, injecting, vivacity into the silhouettes with an upbeat color palette, presenting the feminine grace with an edgy yet feminine recherché.

Glamorous yet energetic, the assortment in monochromes alludes a sense of resoluteness with commanding shades of the earth.

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