Posted on June 21, 2020 at 3:36 am

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Pooja Jhaveri, ’47 Days Star,’ shares an inside look at acting

We talked to Pooja Jhaveri a South Indian actress who, after starring in movies such as Bangaru Bullodu and Dwarka, is now releasing a film tilted 47 Days. Here’s what she had to say.
Pooja Jhaveri
Pooja Jhaveri

1) You say that actress Vidya Balan inspired you to start acting. What did she say and how did that inspire you? What is your favorite part about acting and what drew you towards the industry?

She gave me a word of substance which stated that if I am passionate for acting, I should chase it. As an artist living a new life everyday tops the list of my favorites. Breathing variations and seeking wisdom intrigue me on a deeper level.
Pooja Jhaveri

2) Tell us about your acting journey.

I would like to say my journey started off with a fluke-luck relation. I remember receiving a call for audition from the production because they supposedly found my face refreshing in the unedited pictures of my first ever portfolio shown to them by the photographer. Reluctantly, I gave it a shot. It’s been beautiful, to sum it up.

3) You have an upcoming release on Zee5 Network called 47 Days. What are you most excited about with this project?

My character in this release excites me the most for the mysterious element it beholds which contradicts to the usual bubbly character or love interest of the protagonist.
Pooja Jhaveri

4) Tell us about the experience of acting with stars like Allari Naresh and Vijay Devarkonda. Could you tell us in general how it is to act with co-stars? How do you feel about it?

Naresh is an individual who takes time opening up but the moment he does one is in for a conversational treat. There are some people you connect with in a click. Vijay has been one of them. Acting with a costar pivots around frequency and respect for each other’s craft. I feel glad to source a new experience or lesson from every co-star I am working on a set with.

5) What does your production process consist of or look like? Do you have a routine to get into character?

I go to a shoot with an entourage of five to six people who are instrumental in building my character onscreen & coordinating my endeavors. For me, the routine varies from character to character so there’s nothing in specific as such.
Pooja Jhaveri
Pooja Jhaveri

6) Do you still pursue your passions in art and dance? Why or why not?

I shall seldom quit on my passion for art and dance as it feeds my soul in the most beautiful way. Art and creativity interest me as an individual. Additionally I believe in regularly brushing up my skills for they lighten me up without a doubt.

7) When you’re not working on a project, what do you like to do?

Being a fanatic traveller, I often plan trips to witness the diversified beauty across countries & adore gorging on culture food. I enjoy gardening flowers & organic vegetables in my mini garden. Reading, meditation & listening to music are my hobbies as well.
Pooja Jhaveri

8) Any advice for aspiring artists in the acting industry?

I would like to say that one should be honest to their passion whilst being strongly intact with their morales.
Also one should hold acceptance about the fact that this industry is uncertain & one needs to work on carving a backup to route stability.
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