Posted on October 13, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Indian TV

#MeToo – TV actors take!

#MeToo: Don’t delay in reporting incidents, urge TV actors

The #MeToo movement is gaining momentum in India. Here is what TV actors have to say about this. 

Ssharad Malhotra: If anyone is sexually harassed, one should immediately take action against the individual, company or organisation and not wait for years and months to pass. Please raise your voice and seek justice. Do not prolong the matter because time is the crucial factor out here.

Akashdeep: I think the #MeToo movement has taken off brilliantly. People have finally come out into the open. Each morning is going to be a great morning with more names coming out.  This is Bollywood’s clean up moment!

Gaurav Singh: The fact that #MeToo is finally gaining momentum and women are coming forward without being concerned about the societal pressure should be appreciated and encouraged. Sexual harassment has happened in the past but it’s only now, that we can see people supporting other people. 

Romit Raj: It’s very important to file a complaint and do investigations so that no one takes advantage and malign anyone’s reputation and life.

Justice shall be served!


Rohitash Gour: We have full freedom to express ourselves and we don’t have the right to be judgemental. There is a process of justice for all.  

Aanand Goradia: It is always good to talk your heart and mind out. Bad experiances can severely effect our health so do not hesitate and liberate yourself from trauma.