Posted on March 13, 2018 at 5:38 am

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Namish Taneja Was Saved In Time From A Near Fatal Accident

Ikyawann actor Namish Taneja almost had a fatal accident while shooting. The actor was saved in the nick of time from a falling kino light. The huge kino light fell on the seat the actor was about to sit in.

Namish Taneja
Namish Taneja

Said Namish,

“Everything happened in a fraction of seconds. I would have been severely injured, but thankfully, I was saved by the grace of God.”

He further added,

“The generous cast and crew of my show felt I did a fantastic job in the last episode. Because of which they bombarded me with the compliments when I reached the set. They thought the accident happened because I got afflicted by the evil eye due to the compliments. They took me to the temple in order to cast off the evil eye and even put a kaala teeka on my face.”

Namish Taneja please stay safe you have a lot of fans out there who pray for your well being.

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