Posted on October 9, 2017 at 12:46 pm

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Eijaz Khan: I am ‘me’ because of sports

Actor Eijaz Khan might be very busy, however he makes sure to take out time for all that’s important to him. One such important thing is sports.

The actor has a few games that he loves and has fond memories of playing them.

“Basketball is one of my favourites, but I love football the most. Then comes hockey and then basketball. I used to play football every evening in my building. Hockey used to be seasonal. I was not a basketball player, but I remember going to the basketball courts when I used to stay in Chembur. Kids, nowadays, have no access to such courts or grounds, so I feel really really sad. Where will the kids play?”

he says.

The actor adds that sports has taught him a lot in life.

“I never realised the value of sports initially. But my father, who is a sportsperson, used to tell us, how sports teache you discipline, it teaches you a way of life. It also teaches you that you cannot win all the time, you have to accept defeat. It teaches you to respect and congratulate and be happy for someone who has won and come back a little stronger. Now that I am going through a tough phase in my personal space, I know how to tackle it. It is like you have to run for the ball. You should have a single-minded approach. Sports also teaches you to be a team player. A person who is not a sports player will never understand how a team works like, how is it to work in coordination, it is almost spiritual. Sports is a very integral part of me, I would not be ‘me’ without sports.”

The actor has been playing basketball with his friend’s son Ishaan, who has taught him a few things.

“He taught me something called a Ghost shot, which I was not aware of. I realised some things. I missed some shots. It took me some time to get it right. Then I sweated it out. I felt so relieved. I realised that I am a little unfit and should practice some more. But it was a complete stress-buster. It made me realize sports can take you into a zen-like state where you are so focused. All the issues in your life which are so trivial are forgotten. I was reminded of my childhood and which made me realize that I need to get back to sports.”