Posted on August 5, 2017 at 1:23 am

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The cast of Mahakali discuss their best friend on set!

Work place friendships are always fun. While some friends may motivate you to work harder, others ensure that you are comfortable.On Friendship Day we got the cast of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s, Mahakali – Anth Hi Arambh Hain to talk about their best friend on set.


Sourabh Raj Jain – All my co-actors are my friends. I have worked with Pooja before so have a good understanding. I know Kanan as well from before, so we chill out together whenever we have time. Pooja has a got a very good sense of humor and so does Kanan. I have never thought too much about what friendship means but I know what it makes me feel happy going to be on set.

Falaq Naaz – My best friends on the set are Pooja and Nikita. They are very chilled out girls and I just love it. For me, friendship is family. I think one can get every single relation in a friend. A friend can be your brother, mother, sister. I think I’ll go for shopping with my buddies to celebrate Friendship Day.

Nikita Sharma – I am shooting most of the time with Pooja only, so I have an amazing and flawless bond with her. She is an outstanding actress and a very humble human being. We share our food and love gossiping. She is a very positive and intellectual person. Pooja and I belong to the same city. We both are Delhiites and Punjabis, so we both share almost the same upbringing from our emotional Punjabi moms to Delhi street food. She is like a wave of positivity around me. Being a co-actor, she also helps me on the work front as it’s my first mythological show. She often shares her experience and knowledge with me, and it’s always a great experience to perform the scenes with her. Recently, My mom visited the sets of the show and saw Pooja dressed up as Mahakali. She broke down as she is an ardent follower of Mahakali, but what was great was the way Pooja comforted my mother.

Arjit Lavania – For me, all my colleagues and technicians, the entire crew, are my friends. I believe when you working with a team, they became your family. But one person I am very close to in the show is my co actor Indra Dev (Gagan). I think we both share the same thought process, he understands me well and I understand him. We have stood by each other, without intruding In each other’s space. Friendship to me is the most beautiful relationship shared by two people. The best part about friendship is that we get to choose it, unlike other relationships.

Vartika Chauhan – My best friend on set is Netflix! Between every cut and take, I will be found engrossed in my phone viewing a comedy flick behind the director”s chair at the monitors. This is the secret to the most asked question on set, how do I manage to be always smiling? I tune out and tune in, hence I am refreshed and ready to take on the next challenging scene with full gusto. Bhoo Devi, is my closest friend on the set. I still remember one fine morning, while I was getting my hair and makeup done, she made a grand entry in my room, put her bags down with a bang and announced that she shall be my makeup room, partner. Makeup dada, hair dressers and I were equally quizzical but then we noticed a huge portable speaker on her shoulder and welcomed her with a wide grin on our faces. She monitors my huge tiffin bag filled with lots of mini delicacies and even gives cold stares to people who try to whisk away a bite or two so that I have adequate food for me at all times. I am her ‘Keep Calm’ button on set, which is needed every single day. Since she is a perfectionist, even the slightest glitch affects her, so I keep her from becoming a jwala mukhi. This quote on friendship from the famous show Sex & the city stuck with me, Maybe friends are the real soulmates and guys are just meant to have fun with. This friendship day I will call, disturb every busy soul at work/in meetings/with the boss/during takes and say “I love you” to all my closest friends.

Pradeep Kumar – All my co-actors are my friends now, Arjun Singh (Surya-dev) is my best friend. He is fun to be with and has a good sense of humor. We always joke or have a lot of fun between shots. We became friends recently and the best thing about new friendship is that it brings a new fresh energy to your life. I recently bought a new house, so I will call all my friends to my new home and we will have a party.

Arjun Singh – Everyone is like a friend; Pratham, Jai, Chakshu, Hitanshu, we are together all the time and enjoy each other company. Sometimes people even call us paach Pandav. But as I know Pratham before we started shooting for Mahakali, I am the closest to him. I got to know him better when we started shooting together. He is a fun loving person and enjoys every moment. For me, friendship means a bond you share with someone whom you can trust, A person, who will motivate you when you feel depressed, who make you laugh. For me, a friend is equal to a brother.

Sandeep Arora – The Trideviyaan are my best friends, Saraswati, Parvati and Laxmi. I spend my time with them. Pooja is very hardworking, dedicated towards work which is a great motivation. She has often stood up for me on the sets of my show. According to me, friendship is where love, care and emotions exist. The love is equal to that of a family. I organize a party at my place on friendship day every year.

Danish Akhtar Saifi – I bond well with Abhaas Mehta because most of my scenes are with him. He is good at his work and I learn a lot of things from him. I think friendship is one of the greatest joys of life. It inspires you to pick up the phone and say hello to someone important to you.