Posted on August 19, 2017 at 10:56 am

Indian TV

Sumeet Sanmani: Size doesn’t matter, talent does

Actor Sumeet Samnani – better known as Pinchu Kapoor in Swastik Productions’ new TV show ‘Shankar Jai Kishen 3 In 1’ – is someone who pinches his on-screen brother in law Kettan Singh a lot and has a habit of suspecting everyone around him.

Speaking on his role, Sumeet says,

“It’s fun to be associated with the show. Pinchu always eyed his brother-in-law with curiosity and wanted to know more.”

Sumeet who has put a lot of weight since his teens, confessed that during his teens he never used to drink water, and instead filled his bottles with cold drinks. He says,

“I was very fond of cold drinks and all I used to do is fill my water bottle with cold drinks. My only aim was to eat more, and hence my current state. But luckily I have no health issues so that way I am relieved.”

When asked if his obesity has been a barrier, Sumeet says,

“I don’t think size matters. It is the talent of an artist which matters. An actor’s real identity has to be about his talent. She or he has to be talented.”